How to prepare your wild side for Xavage

April 02, 2019

Do this every day

to unleash your wild side

At night you set three different alarms to wake up on time to go to the gym and then you fail. You turn off the alarm, prepare something quick for breakfast and run to your job. And then, it’s just a regular day at the office.

This routine is not motivating and not fun at all. Do you feel it’s time to wake up your wild side and turn your life into an adventure? We hope you said yes. Don’t worry, this does not mean you have to quit your job and run out of your office to do so.

We are talking about those little actions that have crossed your mind more than once, but you never had the guts to do. Breaking your daily routines will give you the courage and the motivation you need to go for more and more.

These are just some ideas everyone should try: 

  • How about combining ice cream with your favorite cereal? Try different flavors until you find the perfect mix for you.
  • Change the way you get to work. Distances and traffic jams may be stressful. Rolling in skates or cruising in a skateboard will awake your senses and save time. Get extra points for every jump.
  • Get that hairstyle you have always wanted but have never been bold enough to do it. Now it’s your chance!
  • Would you leave your house without your mobile? Liberate yourself from notifications and social networks. But do it after reading and sharing this blog with your friends.
  • A strength challenge. Next time you go to the grocery store, try to carry all your products in an eco-bag or a box in just one trip (we must use fewer plastic products anyway). Which technique would you use?
  • When was the last time you climbed a tree? Just be careful with falls and scrapes.
  • Create your own sandwich and name it. Yes, we are talking about that sandwich with your favorite chips mix, triple jam and 4 different types of cheese.
  • Make a playlist with your guilty pleasures and share it with your friends. Discover the art of combining your favorite rock songs with those romantic ballads (those you sing in the shower) and some cumbias or salsa.
  • Plant trees and take the responsibility to take care of plants in your house. You may think, this is not wild at all, but nowadays these actions are rarely seen and encourage us to do better and more good things to help the environment.
  • Try new food, for example, Mexican tacos. Our friends at Xoximilco say that sharing tacos is proof of sincere and pure love. Speaking of which, don’t ask if the salsa is spicy. Try them all!
  • Watch more episodes of your favorite series without your partner. I think we went too far on that last point and it can be dangerous, so let’s forget that idea.

Unleash your wild side, one step at the time. Leave behind the routine. Have fun and dare to do new things and you will be ready to face the challenges at Xavage Park.  

Share with us more ideas about how to discover our wild side.  


Mercadólogo aficionado al skateboarding, al fútbol y la música desenfrenada que ha descubierto que le gusta escribir blogs.


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