Making memories last forever

All your pictures in one USB

We bet that you are quite excited to come visit us! We’re pretty sure that you are even getting anxious to be here, to enjoy the sun, float in fresh waters, drink some pina colada, have fun in all the activities and be astonished by amazing views. And so we know you will want to take pictures of everything you do here, so what if we told you there’s an easy solution for that? We’ll take them for you!

You read that perfectly fine, now when you come to our Parks you’ll be able to enjoy your visit and we will snap your best moments! They will be availabe for you on a USB so you can share them right away! So, here are a few tips to get the most out of your picture package:

1. Locate all the photo spots. You’ll find big automated cameras on the best places throughout all our Parks, look for them while you enjoy your visit. We also have maps at the Park to help you locate them all.

How to get the most ouf of your picture package

2. Scan your bracelet and wait two seconds to smile. Your bracelet has a printed barcode, make sure to scan it on every photo spot! You’ll hear a “beep” that will give you two or three seconds to strike a pose!

How to get the most ouf of your picture package

3. Make sure everyone is in the photo. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting as a couple or with your friends or big family! Scan just one bracelet and the picture will be availabe in the same USB for everyone to enjoy.


4. Look for photographers around the Park. We also have professional photographers walking or even swimming around, so if you see one do not hesitate to ask for pictures! They can even snap underwater photos!

How to get the most ouf of your picture package

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5. All your photos are included for the same price, so try to seize all the photo opportunities you can: all are included in your USB Drive, ready for you to share!


Bonus: Save more! If you’re visiting more than one park, then we suggest you purchase your photo pass online!

Also, you must know all of our photo packages have a 15 days guarantee. Keep your receipt, if you lose the USB or delete the pictures by mistake, you can write us an e-mail and we’ll send you back all of them.

So remember: Scan, Smile, Snap & Share!