Welcome to the beach!

Follow the rules to have fun and come back soon

Welcome! You are finally here, in one of the most incredible places on the planet; the beach, where every year thousands of people enjoy sunbathing on the sand. We are sure this trip was planned a long time ago and that you are very excited about swimming, however, we want to ask one simple favor, we assure you it’s not difficult, indeed, it is quite simple and won’t interfere with your activities.

Beach Sunsets

We just want you to help us keep this beach clean, how? by following these easy tips which will allow us to continue enjoying the beauty of this place. Are you ready? let’s start.

1.- Don’t collect the shells from the sand

You probably consider this as something harmless, however, many of these shells provide shelter to small animals and over time, these shells become part of the sand, preventing the erosion. Plus, it’s a food source for some life forms.


2.- Use chemical-free sunscreens

This a very important point due to the fact that the normal sunscreens have many chemicals, which form a thin film on the water that stops the sunlight from reaching the bottom. This stops many seaweeds from producing the photosynthesis process that releases oxygen and sulphur.

Photo by VeoVerde

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3.-Forget about glass

If you want to drink or eat while you are on the beach, be sure that all the containers are made of plastic or use aluminium or Ziploc bags, in this way we can prevent any kind of accidents.

Garbage in the Beach
GIF by Chronic Drifter

4.- If you bring it, you take it

Once your visit has ended, please pick up your garbage; and if you can, please try to clean a small part of the beach where you were.

Beach Coast
Photo by Coast Keeper

We hope that after reading these simple tips you are ready to enjoy your visit to the beach. Remember that big changes start with small actions.

Please tell us, what other advice would you give us to protect the beach?