Just pack the necessary

not more, not less

One purpose every time you travel somewhere is to light packing, I mean only the necessary stuff for your trip and nothing else, but it’s more complex than it sounds. To confront an empty suitcase is really difficult and it easily can turn into your worst nightmare but relax, I’ll tell you how to pack light like a pro for every trip you make.

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First of all, you need to know what kind of trip you’ll make. Business, family or alone:

Alone: you know where the plane will land, but you don’t see the route you’ll take next. Maybe you’ll walk through the town searching for a hostel, or how does it sound camping in a forest?. You don’t know it, and that’s the beauty of this kind of travel.

Family: you usually visit resorts where everything is solved, you don’t have to worry about anything and not even leave the hotel if you don’t want to. But maybe one or two days you’ll visit one of the most popular places of your destination.

Business: you’ll get to know the hotel and the airport, maybe one or two restaurants nearby these places.

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1.- Pick the right suitcase

The most essential suitcase is not the best option, neither the smaller one. Choose wisely the perfect bag for light packing. 

Alone: if you are planning this kind of trip your best option is a backpack where you can pack a tent, sleeping bag and if needed, food.

Family: probably the most challenging suitcase to pick. The best option is to share it with another member of the family to safe space but be careful with planes weight limits.

Business: depends on how many days will you travel, but the best option is to pick the smaller suitcase only for your clothes and personal care products. Besides, pick another backpack for your work stuff like a tablet, computer and everything you’ll need.

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2.- What to pack?

The first rule of packing is that if you are asking yourself if you’ll use that shirt or jeans or whatever, you probably won’t. The second rule is: make a list. That’s the key.

Writing on a piece of paper or a note in your cell phone the things that you’ll pack will help you to choose better your clothes and double check what you think you need and it also reduces the chance of picking unnecessary things from the closet while you’re searching that awesome shirt.

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For your clothes, create a lot of combinations with the same jeans or shorts, once you’ve chosen all the possible clothes combinations, erase one of them off your list. I bet you won’t need it and it would help you to pack light. 

The rule for shoes is more straightforward: don’t pack more than two pairs. Shoes are the heaviest stuff in your suitcase and, no trip needs more than two pairs not counting your sandals.

The personal care products are important, but unless you are visiting the Antartida, you’ll be able to buy them in your destination so, don’t pack them

Don’t forget the rule number one: if you don’t know if you’ll use it, you probably won’t.

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3.- Pro Tips

You’re almost ready to pack light like a pro! Here you have a few tips for your suitcase:

  • Compression bags for packing: big jackets will not be a problem anymore.
  • Roll packing: the best way to light packing is roll, it saves a lot of space

  • Use the space of the shoes: you can pack socks or jewelry, it’s convenient.
  • Heavy stuff at the bottom: it’s an essential, shoes, jeans and heavy stuff goes at the bottom of your suitcase.

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Now you’re ready to pack like a pro! Prepare the best suitcase for your next trip better than ever.

Share with us any other tip for light packing!