How to survive the holidays without gaining weight

Enjoy your trip and a guilt-free return

Going on holidays without gaining weight can be a real challenge… “vacations” and “gaining weight” are often found in the same sentence when we tell our traveling regrets. Because let’s be real, when you surround yourself by beautiful landscapes, luxuries, and new cultures, the scale becomes your least concern; but if you want to avoid remorse, take note of these simple recommendations:

  1. Be the enemy of gluttony

Of course, we want to try all the traditional dishes of the place we’re visiting, but if we listen to our body, we will know when to put the knife and fork down in order to avoid discomforts caused by an excess of food.

Buffets are a wonderful thing, and although they can be great temptations, remember to choose destinations that offer you balanced meals. To make this task even easier, try serving your meals in small plates and trick your appetite.

  1. Going on holidays without gaining weight takes a lot of planning in your meals

Spontaneity is a quality of great travelers … but planning makes you an expert. Where do you plan to have breakfast/lunch/ dinner? Will you spend long periods of time without eating? It is recommended to eat every 3 or 4 hours to avoid these prolonged fasts (so typical of the holidays).

We suggest you prepare some snacks for let’s say, long road trips—  fiber should be your priority.

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  1. More water, less alcohol consumption

Something that should never be missing from a traveler’s handbag is water. Staying hydrated will give you extra vitality and strength. We tend to dehydrate more when we travel and when drinking alcoholic beverages (many have a diuretic effect). Instead of avoiding them during the whole trip, try to drink a glass of water for each glass of alcohol to avoid morning sickness. If you consume them during meals, level the sugar and fat levels in your food.

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The 8 drinks that will resfresh your trip to Tulum.

  1. Activate your body

It’s not necessary to plan your trip around heavy exercises, to keep your body in tune. There are destinations that offer excellent options which allow you to explore the beauty of the area while you exercise: bicycle, snorkel, hiking, swimming, are some of the favorites in tropical places.

Therefore, ecotourism can be a great option for those who seek to get out of the routine, while taking care of their physical and mental well-being.

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  1. Know what you eat

Many menus can be confusing… sometimes it gives the impression that we have ordered something light and it turns out to be the opposite. Don’t be afraid to ask about the ingredients of your dish or even its methods of preparation (steamed or grilled, v.s. baked or fried, for example). Also, I have found that this allows us to enjoy flavors much more and truly identify each one.

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Different ways to eat fish in Riviera Maya.

  1. The important distinction between breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It’s not the same to eat for a day of continuous activity ahead than to eat previous to nap time. Dinner, for example, is ideal for food in fresh and light presentations. You will greatly facilitate the work on your body in addition to avoiding uncomfortable inflammations.

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What to eat in Xplor Fuego if you’re a vegetarian.

Yes, going on holidays without gaining weight IS a real challenge, but remember that if you are on a vacation, there is no need to suffer because of calories, everything is about proportions: desserts at lunch, walk on the beach at night.  Enjoy the most of your time out and take care of your body and mind consciously.