Research, Plan, Reserve, Save

How to save money when planning a vacation

We know you’ve been dreaming about your holiday in Cancun and Riviera Maya for months. All those Pinterest boards, those “Likes” on Facebook and too many YouTube videos to count have made you decide to finally take your well-deserved trip. Now is the time to plan and get the best deal to make the most of your savings. The key to saving money on your vacation is planning. When looking for your flight, your hotel and your activities, the best advice is do your homework, research, plan and plan a little more. We want to help with the search and planning. In the following post, find some exclusive, insider tips to save money on our experiences.




The best surprises come in wrapped packages


Do you remember the feeling of that wrapping paper on your hands right before you open a present? Your family or friend gives you a surprise, wrapped in a beautiful paper that will end up on the floor in a few minutes. If you’re one of us, you won’t delay in destroying that pretty wrapping to find out what’s inside. Or you could be calm about it and carefully take off the bow, the tape and the paper, corner by corner. You then have a box that hides your surprise! The best presents come in neat, little packages. The same rule applies when planning a vacation. Why just settle for a day of fun when you can have two or three or four? The best thing about these packages is that you have the option of designing the ideal trip for you and your family.




Planners receive more


Have you ever heard of the famous phrase “the earliest bird gets the worm”? The same saying applies when planning your vacation. Many airlines and hotels will award those who plan ahead. If you book your visits or tours with us with 21 days or more prior to your visit, you receive 15% off. All in all, it is best to arrive with a detailed itinerary to enjoy your vacations worry-free. In planning this way, you also have a budget that you can stick to and avoid overspending in unexpected outings.




Two days are better than one


Our most recurring comment is “one day is not enough”. We know that with more than 40 activities, attractions and shows it’s almost impossible to see all the corners of the park in one day; but why settle for just one day when you can enjoy your second day in Xcaret for free? Even then, we know it is probable that you won’t get to see all there is to see. Don’t worry; you can always come back for more. The key to see the most is to plan really well (and with all those in your travel party) what you wish to see. Locate where everything you want to see is and plan accordingly. Paradise is not for sale but for your entrance, there’s MasterCard.




Take advantage of festivals and special dates


You are traveling to a different country than yours where they probably celebrate things that you don’t. This is a special window to learn more about the country and people you are visiting… and to get more for your buck. It’s always good to investigate if there is anything special going on when you will be visiting or perhaps plan your visit around a festival or celebration. We have several events during the year that you can attend as part of your entrance fee. For example, we have the celebration of Day of the Dead coming up in November with the Festival of Life and Death Traditions. This is the 9th year of our beloved festival that lasts 4 days and all activities and shows are included in your admission.




And a little extra …


Children pay 50% less
Children under 12 years pay 50 % of adult ticket. Children over 1.40 m but under 12 years, must present identification to verify age.

Security in your purchase
We offer a completely safe and reliable online shopping experience, so you can fully enjoy your vacation in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

Special ticket booths
Arriving at our parks you can submit your coupon in our special booths for fast and easy access.

Bad weather policy
Your coupon is valid for 1 year and has a weather guarantee which you can make valid 24 hours in advance. Date changes are not allowed on the day of your visit. Restrictions apply.


Are you ready to plan your day(s) with us?