Day of the what? 

The Feast of the Souls

Mexico is known for many things, delicious food, great music, warm-hearted people and for its most famous holiday: The Day of the Dead or as we say: Día de los Muertos. But we know that not all countries celebrate this day like we do and its a little bit difficult to understand it, so we decided to make a quick guide for you to learn more about this Mexican tradition.



4 basic things you should know: 


1.- It is an ancient tradition

Since pre-Hispanic times in Mexico, indigenous people have seen death as a part of the cycle of nature and we have been worshiping death in this special holiday since then.

2.- We celebrate it during November 1st and 2nd of each year
It is a really important tradition to us, just imagine a big party all over the country, where everyone, including our loved ones who are no longer alive, are invited.




3.- It is a day dedicated to our deceased loved ones

We build “altars” in our homes, schools, or even workplaces, where we honor the lives of those who have passed by putting their favorite things in there, like their favorite food or drink, next to some other traditional items like flowers and candles.

4.- Lots of delicious food can be enjoyed on this day 

Starting from the classic “pan de muerto” or bread of the dead, an exquisite sweet little bread that you’ll only find on this season, to heavenly made dishes we can taste on this holiday such as mole or Pib ( is like a traditional tamale, but this one is cooked in an underground oven, the Maya old way). Hungry yet?




And finally, the most important thing you need to understand, is that Day of the Dead is a celebration of happiness and joy to remember our deceased loved ones, where sadness and sorrow are not allowed.

How people celebrate death where you live?