The guide you need to travel Yucatan

Every traveler seeks to find in each trip a unique and incredible experience that transforms them into someone new. Those who travel seek to learn history, meet people, or simply to connect with everything around them. Maybe there is no perfect guide to travel, but I will share with you one that will make you travel Yucatan, one of the most fascinating places in Mexico.  

 A easy guide to start traveling to Yucatan

This beautiful state has more than 100 municipalities that hide the most impressive archaeological sites in the Maya world, beautiful Magical Towns, nature reserves, spectacular cenotes, and one of the most delicious gastronomies in the world. I know what you are thinking, where do we start traveling through Yucatan?


These natural wonders are all over Yucatán. Some of the most spectacular you will find are: 

  • Ik’Kil cenote near Chichén Itzá 
  • Hubiku cenote near Temozon 
  • San Lorenzo Oxman cenote in Valladolid 
  • The Cenotes Route in Homún 
  • Zací cenote in Valladolid 
  • Suytun cenote 
  • Cenotes of Santa Barbara 
 A easy guide to start traveling to Yucatan
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Some of them are several meters underground, hidden in ancient caverns, surrounded by jungle, haciendas, and colorful towns. There are many more that you can discover during your trip. Each of them has a unique charm that has made many travelers come back. A great example is Suytun cenote, where you can walk on a platform to reach the middle of the cenote and see how the water is illuminated by the sun at noon.

 A easy guide to start traveling to Yucatan
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Another of these natural wonders is Ik’Kil cenote, one of the most famous that the state has, and which is a must for travelers visiting Chichén Itzá. It has been the scene of competitions where brave swimmers jump from above to achieve a perfect dive into its waters. 

Magical Towns 

Of the 121 Magical Towns that exist in Mexico, Yucatán has two of the most colorful: Valladolid and Izamal. Thanks to their fascinating history and colonial architecture, these two Yucatecan corners have been placed among the most visited sites in the state. 

Valladolid, for example, has several places of great beauty. Among them we can find the Church of San Servacio, the Ex-Convent of San Bernardino de Siena, the Zací cenote, the Calzada de los Frailes and its Francisco Canton Rosado park. 

 A easy guide to start traveling to Yucatan
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Izamal is known as “The City of the Three Cultures” for its fascinating buildings belonging to pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern times. A curiosity of this beautiful town is that it is yellow and white. Furthermore, the Ex-Convent of Santa Antonio de Padua has one of the largest atriums in the world.

Archaeological sites 

The Maya world in Yucatán is an adventure like no other, throughout the state, several Maya archaeological zones rise in the middle of the jungle. One of these is Chichén Itzá, recognized worldwide for hosting the Kukulkán Castle, one of the Seven New Wonders of the Modern World. 

A easy guide to start traveling to Yucatan
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The Puuc route is one of the adventures that Yucatán has for you. A route that will take you to discover five archaeological zones: Kabah, Sayil, Xlapak, Labná, and the majestic Uxmal. Through these archaeological places, you will have the opportunity to explore the history of the Maya world: temples, stelae, pyramids, and views that have left more than one traveler surprised. 

 A easy guide to start traveling to Yucatan
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But the list of archaeological zones of Yucatán does not end here. I can name many more: Ek Balam, Mayapan, Xcambo, Kinich Kakmó, Aké, Dzibilchaltún, Yaxhuná. What are you waiting for to experience all this? 

Haciendas henequeneras 

Yucatán began its history in the world many years ago thanks to henequen. The state has a privileged place among the commercial relations of Mexico due to this fiber. Due to the importance of this product, big henequen haciendas were founded throughout the state. Do you want to visit some? Start with these:

  • Hacienda Yaxcopoil 
  • Hacienda Temozón  
  • Hacienda Sotuta de Peón 
  • Hacienda San Pedro Ochil  
  • Hacienda Mucuyche  
 A easy guide to start traveling to Yucatan
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Many of the haciendas that exist today in Yucatán have been converted into boutique hotels that offer some of the most exclusive experiences in Mexico, making them a must experience for travelers and tourists.  

Yucatecan gastronomy  

Food is one of the best reasons for traveling to Yucatan.  Here you can eat well, very well. I can start by recommending Doña Evelia’s famous “motuleño” eggs. Her recipe created many years ago has been responsible for many travelers visiting the colorful town of Motul near Mérida.

Valladolid is the place where one of the most iconic dishes of Yucatán was created: Valladolid “lomitos”. In this colorful town you will find three places where you can enjoy the best recipes of this dish: Lonchería de Doña Hermelinda, Los Lomitos de la Mudita in the local market and at La Casona de Valladolid.

Another recipe you cannot miss on your trip to Yucatán is Poc Chuc and one of the most famous places to try it is at Tía de Kaua, on the Valladolid – Chichén Itzá highway. You can find this small restaurant between streets 2 and 4 of the town. Do not forget to order “encamisados”, which are tortillas de corn stuffed with egg.

There is no doubt that eating well is an everyday thing in Yucatán. It is said that there is a dish for every taste, from the traditional bean with pork, papdzules, tamales, panuchos, salbutes, lime soup, or the classic relleno negro. Don’t forget the desserts: coconut cream, sweet papaya with Edam cheese, marquesitas, coconut pastries, and champolas

Become an expert in Yucatecan Gastronomy; read recipes, history and reviews about these delicious meals.

The best place to find all these delicious recipes is Mérida, the state’s capital, and which concentrates some of the best restaurants, inns, and food stalls there are. Also, I will give you a tip that will serve you wherever you go in Yucatán: visit the local markets! 

You will find in every town and city of Yucatán more than one reason to return. You will fall in love with the way Yucatecans speak, you will be surprised by the view when you climb to the top of some archaeological sites. You may even come across a church that surprises you. I can continue to list a thousand reasons why traveling around Yucatán is the best thing you can do. 

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 A easy guide to start traveling to Yucatan

Are you ready to discover the best of Yucatán?