The Best Spots to Snorkel

Parrotfish, surgeonfish, stingrays and much more


One of the main attractions of Xel-Há is snorkeling. The equipment is provided by the park, and there is no limit of time, you can start snorkeling from the moment you arrive and leave until the park closes.

During all the time you spend in the water, you will find parrotfish, surgeonfish, barracudas, butterfly fish, stingrays and much more. You can find the largest number of fish where you see colored flags.




Here the best spots to find fish while snorkeling:




1.- At the inlet, in front of the restaurant La Cocina

One of the points where you will see a lot of fish, is in the middle of the inlet, just in front of the restaurant La Cocina, you can distinguish this point since it has a colorful flag in the shape of a fish. At this point, you will observe butterfly fish, macaw parrotfish, surgeonfish, angelfish and many more. Remember that the fish seek shade, so if you snorkel right in front of the rocks, we assure you that you won’t miss them.




2.- At the inlet, next to the key

Another perfect spot for snorkeling is on the side of the key. If you explore this area, you will be able to observe fish like Gray Angelfish, Surgeonfish, Striped Grunts, and Sargents.




3.- At the inlet, in front of the Chulavista restaurant

In the inlet, in front of Chulavista restaurant, you can find another one of our flags that indicate that it is an excellent place to snorkel. Remember that the flags are estimated points, so we recommend you not only to explore the specific location but also the nearby surroundings.




4.- On the way to the entrance of rivers, to the right of the wooden bridge

If you want to venture yourself a bit more and snorkel in places that are a little quieter and with very few people, we recommend you go to snorkel in the area located on the way to the entrance of the rivers. The first flag you will find is on the side of the wooden bridge. At this point, you can see fish such as lunar snappers, gray snappers, horse mackerel, striped parrot, groupers and more.




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5.- On the way to the entrance of rivers, in front of the Manatee Encounter activity

Passing the wooden bridge that goes to the entry of Rivers you will find an access to be able to snorkel in the small inlet that is in front of the Manatee Encounter activity. In this area needlefish, damselfish, lunar snapper, parrots and horse mackerel abound.




Tip: At the beginning of the wooden bridge there are fish food dispensers. You can take a little with you and scatter them while you snorkel, this will attract the fish next to you.


6.- On the side of the inlet, in front of the Floating Bridge

Another of the best places to snorkel in the park is located in front of the Floating Bridge, where you can see the fish flag. This area is the favorite of our visitors as it is the only place where you can see barracudas and stingrays. Here you will also be able to see fish like snappers, blondes, and angelfish.




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Here is a graphic where the flags are located:







Have you visited Xel-Há, what other places in the park do you recommend for snorkeling?