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The benefits of growing your own garden

Having your own garden at home offers many more benefits than you think. It makes you forget all your worries and keeps you entertained, as long as you’re careful with it. Have you always wanted to create your own garden at home but have never known where to begin? Here are some useful tips to start growing fresh fruits and delicious vegetables.       

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About the soil

The first essential step to carry out an orchard is to get the soil. The more nutrients the soil has, the faster your vegetables or fruits germinate, grow and have a good color. Mixing the soil with compost can be a great idea to create a much richer soil. Also, if you create your own compost, you can take advantage of the organic waste that you generate in your home.

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To grow all the veggies recommended you will likely need around eight to ten inches of soil.

The best season to sow and what can I plant?

In the case of crop plants, if you set the proper conditions they need to germinate and grow, you can plant them at any time of the year. What are these conditions? Fertile soil, water to keep it moist and essential sunlight. Very easy!

The choice of what to plant is very personal, but you can always opt for vegetables or spices more likely to use when cooking. Radish, cilantro, lettuce, tomato or carrots will be a sure hit in your garden.

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Say no to plagues

It is very likely that insects will want to attack your garden, so a good way to avoid this is to cover it with a mesh. 

But what to do if your orchard already has the plague? Do not panic. Do not use chemicals to kill them because there are many natural remedies. There are plants such as basil, snuff or jamaica, which you can plant in your garden to repel insects.  

Also, did you know that insects flock to the plants because they are attracted by their color? If they see colors they do not like they will leave. Place yellow or blue bands in your garden and insects will not attack.


When is it the best time to water your garden?

As mentioned above, water is a key element to your garden. The best time of the day to conserve water is in the afternoon because it will be easier for your planting to absorb water overnight or in the next morning when it starts to dawn. However, if you water them in the morning most of the water will evaporate in the sun.

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Follow these tips to start your own garden. You can even use recyclable materials such as pallets, aluminum cans and pet bottles. There are different ways to liven up your home.

What would you like to plant? Share with us photos of your first garden!