How to do a Galaxy in a Jar

Bottle up the stars!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, cosmic dust, stars, and colorful gases became engrossed in a jar. No one knew who or how someone had managed to create a galaxy in a bottle: so much magic in a very small space. It was not until hundreds of years later when finally the best-kept secret of space was revealed. Do you want to know how they did it? We’ll tell you to step by step.

What you’ll need: 

  • Reused jars or bottles
  • Cotton
  • Acrylic or edible paintings (preferably in blue and purple hues)
  • Silver glitter
  • A straw
  • Water
Galaxy in a Jar: Do it Yourself


1.- Pour water into a jar and add a drop of blue paint with the straw.

2.- Introduce some cotton at the bottom of another jar and spread it well with the straw.

3.- Pour dyed water until the cotton is fully soaked and it has absorbed the water well.

Galaxy in a Jar: Do it Yourself

4.- Add a little glitter and stir it until it’s well spread in the jar.

5.- Repeat the same procedure to create the following layers with different colors, continue until you fill the jar.

Galaxy in a Jar: Do it Yourself


It doesn’t matter if the colors are mixed with each other: that will give the effect we’re looking for to simulate a real galaxy.

Remember that the amount of material you’ll need depends on the size of the jar. You can create galaxies of different sizes and colors reusing jars and bottles you already have at home.

Galaxy in a Jar: Do it Yourself

Does it look hard to do? It’s actually quite simple and quick. The best of this art craft is that most of the materials can be found at home. It’s perfect for an original gift or to decorate your room.