Delight yourself with these unique experiences

Connecting with nature

“Do not forget that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair. “

One of the main reasons you decided to visit the Riviera Maya and Cancun this vacation season was to get closer to nature, disconnect from your everyday life and live unique experiences, that’s the point of traveling: disconnect to connect.


Photo by Daniita Lopez via Facebook

For the ancient Maya, the man was responsible for the survival and care of his own universe. Nature was sacred and Mayan gods were invisible and impalpable, energies that manifested themselves through the stars, the rain, and the most powerful animals like snakes, jaguars, birds, and bats. These animals were sacred to the Maya and now have made Xcaret their home and a paradise of nature.


For visitors and staff, the Riviera Maya Eco Park is a magical place where nature shines in all its glory and now this paradise offers more unique moments close to nature.

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These encounters with nature were once only available to the staff that worked with the fauna of the park. However, these activities are now open to those who visit this paradise and want to observe and assist in the special care these animals receive. Due to the nature of the activity, there is a limited capacity, it is therefore advised that those interested register upon arrival.


Part of the activities that visitors can enjoy is a walk with flamingos, observe ducks trail past, feed a jaguar, help sea turtle caregivers feed the turtles, help butterflies on their first flight, and observe the red macaws during their flight practice.


Rescuing Mexico’s Nature

All the animals that visitors observe in the park are the byproduct of breeding program efforts that seek to preserve these endangered species. Within Xcaret Park, there are also animals that have been rescued from hard conditions such as manatees, monkeys, and some sea turtles. Xcaret has the only Sea Turtle Hospital in Mexico.


In the case of the flamingos, there have been 111 births registered between 2004 and 2013. As for the butterflies, 180,000 births have been registered between 1999 and 2013. The Sea Turtle Conservation Program, coordinated by Flora, Fauna, and Culture of Mexico, has released more than 7 million sea turtles since its creation. The organization is the philanthropic arm of the Group Experiencias Xcaret.


At the same time, the Red Macaw Breeding Program has an average annual birth of 120 species. In 2013, Xcaret’s dreams to began repopulating the jungles of Mexico and return the scarlet macaw to the skies finally took flight starting in the state of Chiapas, where the species has been extinct for more than 70 years. To this day, the reintroduction program has had a 100 percent survival rate thanks to strategic alliances with the Autonomous University of Mexico, the Aluxes Park in Palenque, and the organization Acajungla AC.

Which of these activities would you like to witness or participate in?