Kin and Pixan’s Journey to Chiapas

Did you know that the red macaws has only one life partner? When they choose their partner, they never part.

The cold of the morning when we left Xcaret Park, our home, accompanied us on this journey back to our habitat in Chiapas.




Pixan, my faithful companion, and I form part of the 27 red macaws born in Xcaret as part of a succesful reproduction program that will return to our natural habitat in the Chiapas jungle. My name is Kin, which means sun in Maya. Pixan means soul. We met at Xcaret Park. Our contact with the humans who have cared for us has been minimal so we will be able to return to our habitat and someday be able to survive without their help.




For the ancient Maya, the macaw was a solar bird, we represent the fire of the sun, we communicate the sacredness of the star, bringing its messages, receiving their offerings and announced its departure.

We left at 2 am towards the Eco Park Aluxes in Palenque accompanied by a group of 11 people who are taking care of our return home. I cannot convey the excitement and a little fear we feel about this big step-or flight-we are about to take.


Macaws Flying Home


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Will you accompany us on this voyage?