Wine and its flavors

Sweet, salty, sour and bitter

Talking about wine is talking about a drink as complex as exquisite. In this blog post, we will talk about the flavors of wine, a theme that will undoubtedly make you try to distinguish each of them in your next glass of wine.

The wine because of its fermentative origin consists of many compounds and therefore different flavors. A good wine does not necessarily has to have them all. In the mouth, the flavors that we can detect of wine are the following: acid, bitter, salty and sweet. 

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Acid taste

This character is present on the sides of the tongue. The acid taste is given by the potassium and the hydrogen tartrate, present in the juice of the grape. If there is an absence of acidity, wine is often defined as dead or dull. Acid wines are ideal for mating with sea food.

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Bitter taste

This taste is appreciated in the deepest and inner areas of the tongue. It’s one of the most complicated to detect, although one of the most durable. Polyphenols are responsible for transmitting the bitter taste, and red wines are more bitter than white wines. This flavor has a lot to do with the time in the barrels.

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Sweet taste

This flavor comes directly to the tip of the tongue. If you savor the sweet sensation, this is due to the sugar of the grape, as well as to the fermentation of alcohol. White wines are the sweetest, which you can accompany perfectly with desserts, fruits, and cheeses.

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Salty taste

The presence of the salty taste is considered as a symbol of elegance and is acquired by the type of soil of the vineyard. It requires being an experienced taster to find this flavor in wine since it’s the one that hides the most.

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After reading this blog post, are you ready to taste this drink of the gods?

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