Five things you need to know about Xavage Park

November 12, 2018

Are you ready to adventure the new Xavage Park?

We are all very excited about the arrival of our new Adventure Park: Xavage. Winter is getting closer and that means that this Xavage time! Right now it’s already more than fifty percent constructed, and very soon it will open its doors.

If you can’t hold in all the excitement and want to know the most important details so you can run to it the moment the park’s doors are opened to the public, then this is the right blog for you. 

1.- What is this park all about?

Xavage is going to be the perfect adventure park for all of those who want to put their boldness at stake.  

You will be able to experience different challenges and activities with diverse levels of adrenaline.

If you enjoy off-road vehicles, soaring through the air and whitewater rapids, then this park was built for you.

2.- Location and closing time?

Xavage is located on the Chetumal – Puerto Juárez Federal Highway, km 338, in the municipality of Benito Juarez, state of Quintana Roo.

It is around 10 to 30 minutes away from Cancun depending on your location, and around 35 minutes of travel time from Playa del Carmen.

It’s also only 5 minutes away from Cancun’s International airport and 15 minutes away from Puerto Morelos.

This new adventure park will actually be located in the same place were Xoximilco opens up at night.

So if you have gone to Xoximilco in the past, then you already know how to get there!

This way you can totally have an adventure by day and after that some party and good food with your friends at night.

3-. What Activities will be featured?

This park’s activities are made so you can put your boldness at stake and unleash the wild within you.

But if you are not as bold as you’d like to admit don’t worry you can still enjoy the less extreme activities and choose the activity package that best suits you.

  • Crocodile: A kayaking adventure so you can put your abilities to the test.
  • Dragonfly: Yet another fantastic aquatic activity where you can get savage with our water jet ski.
  • Barracuda: Our highly anticipated whitewater rapids, where you’ll get to dodge obstacles and show off your navigation skills.
  • Puma: an off-road route with our amazing Rock Crawlers so you can set free all that adrenaline that you hide inside.
  • Hawk: Soar through the sky like a hawk in this breathtaking zip line.
  • Howler Monkey: have tons of fun in this up-in-the-air challenge, where you will have to complete a rope circuit, hanging in mid-air!

4.- Who should tag along?

The new Xavage Park has the most intense activities in the whole Riviera Maya. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a beautiful day with your entire family.

Our Tough Cubs activity; full of slides, bridges, and pools is perfect for the smallest ones, made for kids between the ages of 5 to 12.

 There are some people you probably shouldn’t bring along since they won’t be able to enjoy the park activities; let’s just say that your very pregnant wife, your 80-year-old grandpa with heart disease and your six months old baby won’t make the best company in this case.

The minimum age for kids to partake in park activities is 5 years old.

5.- This park belongs to the Experiencias Xcaret group

The new adventure park Xavage belongs to Xcaret’s 9 ecological parks and tours, that are spread along the Riviera Maya.

They offer adventures, traditions, beautiful natural scenarios, archeological tours and so much more.  

Want to know more about us? Visit our official website:

What else would you like to learn about the new Xavage park?

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