Its the perfect moment 

To find your place in the world  

Being at home can bring many benefits for your physical and mental health, as it is the perfect time to be with you in a place that you like and in which you feel comfortable. We believe that motivation, happiness, passion, and other things that are synonymous with a successful life, come from outside. Yet many psychologists, life coaches, and mental health specialists agree that, to the contrary of what we think, to find your place in the world, you need to find yourself first.

Happy place
Artem Beliaikin

If like me, you felt lost, hopeless and tired of your routine and lifestyle, it’s time to make a major change to finally find happiness and start feeling proud of yourself. What I am writing is something that I am putting into practice, so I can say that it has worked for me. In no way, I’m telling you that it is the formula to find happiness, and it is not the answer to all your questions. I got these tips and information after going to psychological therapy, reading books, exercising, and other things that helped me focus.

It may work for you too, but even though it’s no guarantee, it might help. I recommend you read books, listen to podcasts and seek help from mental health professionals so that you can have a correct healing process and find the emotional balance that we all desire. The only thing I can be 100% sure, is that there is no formula or recipe to be happy or find your place in the world, but there are some tips that may help you to find yourself.

Without further ado, I will try to summarize some tips that can help you find your way and feel calmer without leaving home:

1.- Disconnect from the screens 

It is very easy to saturate ourselves with information that we believe is relevant and transcendent for our lives, but it really isn’t. Every day we hear news about catastrophes, crises, and much more information that, far from helping us and keeping us informed, keeps us in a constant state of stress and anxiety.

How to find your place

In addition, we have social media, which is responsible for making us see a utopian lifestyle with very aspirational goals that aren’t always realistic. Beyond helping us and distracting us, they make us feel a little more miserable for lying in bed while we see how someone else is having a great vacation in Bali. 

Set the screens aside. Make a resolution to shut down your electronics at least an hour a day and use that time to disconnect from the outside world and think about your space, your home and yourself. 

2.- Create your own space 

Having a space in your home which makes you feel comfortable and calm is essential to find your place in the world. You have to start with the small things and then see results in larger objectives.

The benefit of having a happy place in your home is that you can recharge with positive energy whenever you need it. This space can have whatever you want and can be wherever you need it. From your room in your bed, or a corner to meditate, a room dedicated to exercise, or even your favorite chair. The goal of this place is to transmit positive energy to you whenever you need it.

How to find your place

If you don’t have it, your task is to find it and work on it so that you can soon be comfortable there. If you already have it, think about what it’s missing and work on it. How can you improve it? Do it, I promise you won’t regret it.

3.- Check your habits 

The best way to find yourself and know what you like and don’t like is to review your habits. From food to sports, work and everything in general. 

Think of a habit that you would like to add to your routine, for example, exercise. Now think about the excuses that you usually use in order to avoid it. Do the same with the habits you would like to have. 

Now, make a review of a couple of days of your routine. From the time you wake up to the time you sleep. Write everything down, at what time you wake up, what you do immediately after, at what time do you start working, etc. 

Now you have your entire routine and the habits you would like to add to it, make an assessment of the habits you currently have and don’t like to replace them with the ones you would like to have.

It is difficult and a daily job. Day by day you must find a way to do them to keep it constant until they become part of your routine. In a short time, you will realize that you are closer to being that person you want to be. 

Here I leave you a list of some habits that I tried to include in my routine. Some stayed and others did not, but the important thing is that these habits helped me, step by step, to be the person I want to be. Download the list, print it and write your own habits.

How to find your place

4.- Set personal goals 

This part is also complicated and very tricky. You came to this blog to find your place in the world and here I am telling you to set your own goals. It can be frustrating; however, this part is essential in order to feel better about yourself.

The goals you decide are very important, you can start with small goals, such as waking up earlier or doing some exercise. However, those are not objectives, those are habits. How to define a better objective? An example could be: having a healthier life. If you have the goal of having a healthier life, you will have to include several habits such as having a balanced diet, doing some exercise, getting up earlier, sleeping earlier and other habits that will gradually bring you closer to that goal.

Another characteristic of a goal that will help you feel better about yourself is that they are not goals with a finite period of time. That is, if you set yourself the goal of losing weight, the time will come when you lose it. However, afterward, you will feel empty because you have already fulfilled it and there is nothing else later. If you set the goal of living a healthier life, it will become a constant during your entire life with you maintaining certain habits. So, you will feel more relaxed and happier to know that you’ll be working every day to achieve that big goal.

To reach these goals, it is important to solve some questions that will help you get to know yourself better and know your place in life and set your path. Here are some that helped me. I hope they help you too. 

How to find your place

5.- Try new activities 

Another way to find your place in the world is to try many activities. Do everything, try without regret and without prejudice. Just do it! It is very likely that, within all that you try, you will find the activity that you were searching for. 

I am going to tell you about my experience: I lived for 25 years in Mexico City, with a lifestyle away from exercise. As soon as I moved to Cancun, I discovered the Mayan Sacred Journey and it completely caught me. It became my new way of life and thanks to it, I met friends that I now consider family. It improved my quality of life, as I got closer to sports and established a direct and close relationship with the sea. 

The same thing happened with me and yoga. The first time I practiced it, I knew I was doing something right and with the right people. I didn’t need anything else, because I was very happy doing it and practicing it. Thanks to yoga, I got closer to knowing my body and discovered breathing techniques that help me relax and stay in the present. 

I am not telling you to cross Cozumel paddling or to do yoga to find your place in the world, but I am convinced that if you do activities that make you step out of your comfort zone, very soon you will find yourself. Try everything, do everything and you will not regret it. Here is a couple that could help you start from home. 

How to find your place

I hope this blog can help you a little to find your place in the world. Remember that these tips helped me, and I hope they can help you. However, they are not the ultimate answer, nor a guide to life. The only thing I want is for you to find some answers in a person who, like you, feels lost and wants to find his place in the world.

Do not hesitate to write any questions in the comments! With pleasure, we can talk.  

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