Food in Xplor Fuego

The real star of the Night

When we think of the actual adventure in Riviera Maya, Xplor comes first to mind. High-rise zip lines, amphibious cars and underground rivers, an experience that will test your sense of adventure. When the sun goes down, the fire lights up illuminating your path and a new experience begins Xplor Fuego. Where you will live a night full of adventure and emotions in the light of the moon. But there is something that few know, is that there is nothing better than his meals.

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Get ready to enjoy the best buffet where you can eat everything you want, a real dream come true if you ask me. Of so many options, it makes you want to try everything, but the truth is that sometimes the stomach is not prepared for such a mission.

That’s why I took on the task of trying everything that was within my reach and determining My 5 Favorite Meals In Xplor Fuego that, in my opinion, everyone should enjoy during their next visit.

1. BBQ ribs

Delicious ribs that come directly from the grill, bathed in BBQ sauce. I do not judge you if at this moment you are already salivating, they are delightful…

2. Steak

From picanha to arrachera, you will be delighted with a unique selection of steaks that will complete your dish correctly. Do not forget the gravy sauce, it will give you that push of flavor you deserve.

3. Pizzas and Hamburgers

The classics that never fail. Accompanied by fries, with or without vegetables, you choose.

4. Pasta

Spaghetti, Fettuccini, with Alfredo or tomato sauce. Whatever  combination you may choose, you will be delighted with an excellent fresh pasta that will fulfill the expectations even of the most demanding palate.

5. Cheese fingers

Cheese fingers, all you can eat, period. Do you need anything else?

Bonus: Desserts, meals can’t be complete without them

A well-deserved reward for merely doing the tasks that life demands you.

I can only wish you good luck and have a good time eating, as I did.