A love story to remember

The Mayan gods celebrate their honeymoon in Riviera Maya.

Ixchel the goddess of fertility and Itzamná the god of Mayan wisdom had a long love story. Legend has it that Itzamna had to fight with a Mayan prince for the love of Ixchel. And as a sign of his love for the goddess he lit up the night with the shine of the stars.


Today Ixchel and Itzamná are in the Riviera Maya to celebrate their honeymoon. Since they were dating, were told about a paradise called Xcaret and all the magic experiences that can be enjoyed there. So they decided that this would be the first place they would visit after their wedding. They were so excited!

The first photo they took was with the flamingos and macaws, just at the entrance to Xcaret. Then Ixchel and Itzamná walked towards one of the most peaceful and romantic places in the park: The butterfly pavilion. As they arrived early, they got a glimpse of the butterflies in their most active time. This experience put them in touch with the exuberant nature of the Mexican Caribbean.


After their walk by the butterfly pavilion, they decided to go to the beach. Ixchel was eager to see the Caribbean Sea from Xcaret. It was such a surprise to find the sea water ponds there, so they took a dip in the refreshing pools. What a delight for their senses!




But the adventure has just begun for Ixchel and Itzamná. They are thinking about to enjoy an optional activity at Xcaret:  Which optional activity would you recommend them Snorkel Tour, Tlachco Dinner or Xpa?


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