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Live a different honeymoon

Many couples live their honeymoon in the most romantic known or dreamed places such as Italy, Paris or New York. Other couples prefer adventure, try different things, live different emotions and feelings. Surely both types of couples will have a romantic and memorable honeymoon, however, we believe it is always better to explore new places that test your senses.   Join us on a trip through these 5 exotic honeymoon destinations around the world:  

1.- Alaska

Surrounded by mountains, trees, ocean and adventure, Alaska is the place to live a different honeymoon. This beautiful place offers a variety of options, from kayaking through glaciers to see whales, going for a hike in the mountains, observing wild nature, to camping in a lake. What could be more romantic for a couple of adventurers?  

If you decide to go to Alaska to celebrate your honeymoon, your significant other and you have to prepare to live experiences out of this world and to be amazed by unbelievable landscapes.

5 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations for adventurer couples

2.- New Zealand

Another exotic destination with unique natural beauty in New Zealand, also known as “Home of Middle-earth” since the filming of the movie The Lord of the Rings. This country is very small compared to other honeymoon destinations, nevertheless, it has a large number of activities for those who visit. 

If you want to explore its beautiful scenery you can do it from trekking to kayaking in the lagoons; if you are looking for a little more action you will love to ski or mountain bike; and if you are looking for something more romantic, the stargazing is an activity that should not be missed. Each and every one of these activities is full of adrenaline, adventure, and breathtaking scenery. As a newly married couple, this is an unmissable honeymoon destination.

5 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations for adventurer couples

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3.- Tanzania

Imagine waking up surrounded by wild nature. When you look out of the window of your hotel room you can see elephants and giraffes a few meters away. You can also take a quick safari to observe lions in their habitat. Tanzania is a country in East Africa with vast wilderness areas, is home to the two major National Parks: the Serengeti and Kilimanjaro. In these two parks, you will see elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos, and rhinos up close, and you should visit the highest mountain in Africa.

A destination with lots of adventure, nature and wild scenarios that make it ideal for that unusual honeymoon.    

5 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations for adventurer couples

4.- Iceland

Iceland is one of the most exotic and magical destinations on Earth. It is a place that provides everything an adventurous couple would like to experience: walking on glaciers, under waterfalls, exploring moss mountains, getting close to wild horses or relaxing in hot springs.

Without any doubt, Iceland is a great choice to live an exotic and extraordinary honeymoon.    

5 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations for adventurer couples

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5.- New Guinea

A place that combines natural beauty, history, culture and adventure activities such as trekking, hiking, snorkeling, and diving. Ideal for you who want to live a life-changing experience on your honeymoon. In the morning, you can run through the mountains on a hike where you will be amazed by the exuberant nature.

In the afternoon, you will be able to paddle and watch the majestic sunset in the middle of reefs and mountains. A destination like no other, worthy for a honeymoon adventure.    

5 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations for adventurer couples

We have presented you some destinations that are out of the ordinary to go on a honeymoon, all with stunning scenery, magical nature, and amazing activities, now is your turn to choose the one you like the most.   What other exotic destinations have you visited? Share your experiences with us.