Xel-Há: a place to visit with your loved one

Discover paradise together

It’s almost impossible not to think of the Riviera Maya when we talk about romantic destinations. That’s why it is known for being a honeymoon and wedding favorite. If you’re looking for romantic things to do near Riviera Maya, Xel-Há is the perfect option. This Park has the most ravishing locations for couples and is ideal for spending a romantic day in your vacations. Here are 7 romantic things to do in Xel-Há.


1.- Share a hammock

A different and romantic way to relax. Choose your favorite or get super cozy and share one. You are on vacays! Enjoy the breeze of the palm trees while hanging on a flying bed. And if you are feeling adventurous, Xel-Há also has a giant hammock in the water. Try to get in there without falling into the water! 


Photo by: kyliebrienn

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Photo by: lauramontfort

2.- Kiss like it’s the first time

“In this bench, you may kiss only as if it were the first time…and all the other times…” it is read in the most romantic seat in Xel-Há. Seat down with your couple and remember how was your first kiss. Fall in love again, this place was created for the most romantic couples. Find it on the road to the River’s entrance and enjoy romance.


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3.- Make a toast for the good old times

How does a tropical cocktail with a magical view sound? Take advantage of Xel-Ha’s open bar in any of its bars. Couple’s favorite is Bar del Puente, the ideal spot to enjoy the sea breeze while enjoying your favorite drink. There is no menu, the bartender will make you anything you have in mind or will suggest you some drinks from our secret list.


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4.- Swim in a magic scenario

Crossing the Floating Bridge, you’ll find one of the Park’s best-kept secret. The Mayan Cave, one the most romantic spots in Xel-Há. Thanks to its natural skylights on the roof that light up the interior in a unique way. Don’t forget to smile for the paparazzi of the Park! They love to capture romantic couples.


Photo by: elise_celia

5.- Enjoy a breathtaking view

Along the roads of Xel-Há, you will find secret and isolated corners with a pair of wooden chairs and a palapa. Perfect for couples that want to relax while watching a magical landscape. If you are planning to visit the Riviera Maya in winter, you’re lucky! Because you’ll get to see an incredible sunset from here. 


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xelha-lugares-romanticos6.- Get a couple massage

An activity that will definitely make your day even more exceptional. They also have the alternative of taking a massage together, a unique experience that every couple should live at least once. Don’t forget to confirm the reservation for your massage when you arrive at the Park, as this activity has an extra cost and you must set aside your space.


7.- Admire a panoramic view

The most recent attraction and one of the most romantic things to do in Xel-Há. In the Scenic Lighthouse, you’ll enjoy an incredible 360° of the Caribbean Sea from 131 feet high. Take time to enjoy this magical view and don’t forget your camera. A photo from this view is something you will not want to miss.


The Riviera Maya is definitely a magical place with hundreds of romantic places to discover. At the end of your vacation, you will end up more unitedly and with the desire of traveling more together.

Which of these romantic spots in Xel-Há was your favorite?

Cover photo by aleksalosa