The Night Show in Xcaret

Tips to fully enjoy it

Every night for more than 20 years, Xcaret has been celebrating its love for Mexican culture with the presentation “Xcaret México Espectacular.” If you are going to visit the Park, take note because here we will tell you everything you need to know about this night show.


What is the show about

It’s a journey through the history of Mexico that goes from pre-Hispanic times to the Mexico we see today. It’s divided into two parts; the first represents how life was like and legends of some of the cultures that lived in pre-Hispanic Mexico. Two of the most popular presentations are the Mayan Ball Game and the Encounter of the Worlds, which symbolizes the miscegenation and beginning of modern Mexico through an emotional melody.

The second part is mostly typical dances and all the joy of the different cultural regions of Mexico. It is very cheerful and entertaining for the whole family. The most popular presentations are The Elderly Men of Michoacán and “Mexico in La Piel” performed by the singers of Xcaret.


Foto de Ismael PM

How to attend to the show

1.- With any admission to Xcaret Park

The most important thing to know is that the Mexico Espectacular presentation private in all tickets to Xcaret Park, either the Basic Entrance, the Plus Entrance or the Xcaret at Night Entrance. You do not have to pay anything extra to see it.

Another thing you should know is that two options do have an additional charge. These allow you to enjoy the show from a special place and with special services:

2.- The México Espectacular Dinner

The best way to enjoy the show is with the México Espectacular Dinner. If you want to have the best places in the theater and taste a gourmet dinner that combines the flavors and essences of Mexico, with a 7-course menu and dessert, this option is for you. You can buy it online and take advantage of the pre purchase discount, or buy it in the Park.

3.-  Xcaret Xclusivo

If you are looking for an experience with reserved places and personalized attention but without gourmet dinner, Xcaret Xclusivo is the option for you. You can enjoy a bottle of sparkling wine and a selection of fine sugar coated seeds to accompany your evening. You can purchase it online through the website as an Optional Activity or directly in the Park.

Other important things you should know

– Location: The show takes place in the Gran Tlachco, located at point 60 of the map of Xcaret. To get there, you must follow the red line on the floor.

– Time: It starts every day at 7:00 p.m. (schedule subject to Park operations or seasonal requirements). We recommend you to arrive in advance to find a place near the stage. However, you can see and enjoy the show from any seat.

– Duration: It lasts two hours, with an intermediate of 10 minutes.

– For the whole family: You can attend with children of all ages.

– Snacks Area: You can buy food and drinks to enjoy the show. There are popcorn, nachos, fries, frozen treats, waters, cookies, soft drinks, beers, and juices, among others.

– Sanitary: The facilities of the Gran Tlachco have toilets at each entrance to the theater.

– Souvenirs: If you want to buy a souvenir, you can do it right there. You can also purchase a video with the show and records with the songs.


Reviews from visitors

“You must stay till the Night Show at the Palladium. Mexico’s history and its great culture are represented at the show. We enjoyed our visit to XCARET.”

SCFunguy – South Carolina, USA

“The show at the end was a really spectacular and pretty much summed up Mexico in two hours (if that’s possible) so worth doing near the beginning of your stay.”

Carol1907 – Maidstone, UK

“Don’t forget to go to the show at night, it starts at 7:00 pm and ends at 9:00 pm. Get there a bit earlier as it seats about 3000 people. (Watch this show on youtube to see, but you have to be there in person to appreciate what a great show this is).”

Alan B – Nottingham