Everything you need to know about the Xavage buffet

July 04, 2019

Savage dishes in Xavage

The pier with amazing views

When visiting any park of Grupo Xcaret, one would expect to have a unique experience and Xavage is definitely not the exception. This is a place like no other!

For all of the adventure lovers and those who love trying new things, the  Xavage buffet is a wonderful experience with flavors and dishes you wouldn´t find at any 5 stars resort.


Everything you need to know about the Xavage buffet

The Xavage restaurant has a pier design, from your table you can see the waterways and all the different activities. It has a unique architecture, with asymmetric pillars that invite you inside. When arriving at the restaurant you are welcomed by a hostess who offers you a non-alcoholic beverage. The hostess will show you to your table and introduce you to your waiter who will give you a detailed explanation of the different parts that integrate the buffet: international and savage.


Everything you need to know about the Xavage buffet

As I am very interested in eating things out of the ordinary, my first stop was the “savage section” the first thing I noticed was the amount and variety of food options and the incredible smell that will open your appetite. You would like to eat it all!


Everything you need to know about the Xavage buffet

The first thing that my hunger noticed was the tiny hamburger bread of different colors and tastes: like curry and paprika. In the “xavage” section you can find buffalo, crocodile, and rabbit meat, and these huge ribs the size of my head. As the food lover, I am, I didn´t doubt to try everything, even the wild pig. To my surprise, everything I tried kept surprising me with its delicious flavor and texture. I tried every meat option.

International buffet 


Everything you need to know about the Xavage buffet

With a full stomach, I couldn´t think about more food, but when I saw the shrimp aguachile and tuna sashimi, my heart said, “one more plate!”.

I was so surprised by the flavors and freshness of the food that I didn´t stop there, I also tried the potatoes and ceviche. ¡Everything was so delicious!


Everything you need to know about the Xavage buffet

I have always thought that a good meal, should end with a good dessert. Ending a meal with a touch of sweetness is the cherry on top for me. When talking about desserts, the Xavage buffet didn’t disappoint me. It has everything, from little cupcakes to cookies and cream cheesecake. Every dessert was incredible, but my favorite one was the maracuja mousse.


Everything you need to know about the Xavage buffet

The Xavage buffet topped my expectations and I loved that it offers new and unique options, not found in any other place. If you love trying new and different things, and you are open to surprise yourself with delicious dishes and flavors, this is something you have to try.

Would you dare to try new experiences like the savage food in Xavage

Siempre en busca del próximo viaje. Me gusta reír, disfrutar del sol y la playa. Amante de los retos,  y los ratos en familia.


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