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THE whitewater rapids at Xavage Park

Xavage is the new adventure park of the destination created for all those adrenaline lovers. It has six activities that will make you take your life to the limit by land, water, and air.

It is located in Cancun, on the Chetumal-Puerto Juarez highway, km 338, Benito Juárez, Quintana Roo, 5 minutes from the Cancun International Airport. It is exactly at the same location as Xoximilco Park.


The new adventure park offers you an experience where you can feel pure adrenaline in each of its activities.

Before you embark on the fast rivers, here’s a little about each of the activities at Xavage:

Enjoy our rope circuit at Monkeys, an activity of four different levels with 15 obstacles each. Let your hands and feet take control behind the steering wheel of an all-terrain vehicle with Puma. Enjoy gliding through the air with Hawk and experience the 360 ° turns at Dragonfly. Go through canals in the jungle aboard a kayak with Crocodile and finally, conquer the only fast rivers of Cancun and the Riviera Maya with Barracuda.

The Rivers designed by Bob Campbell

Who is Bob Campbell?

He was the circuit and creations designer at the Olympic Games of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games. He is currently recognized worldwide and is currently working for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

He’s also the owner and CEO of Whitewater Parks. It is an international consortium of industry experts that offers complete services to support projects and fundamental knowledge to develop and operate state-of-the-art whitewater sports facilities.

Nine fun facts you should know about the whitewater rapids

1.- It is an aquatic category activity that consists of descending on a raft through artificial level three whitewater rapids caused by a turbine system. These are made with a Korean technology which allows you to tame strong currents.

2.- The rafts are designed to support a capacity of six people and to overcome obstacles without difficulties.


3.- As the activity progresses, it increases its degree of intensity and the level of adrenaline that you feel in each of the challenges that arise. Do not forget that you are not alone, it is a team effort led by an expert guide.


4.- The artificial rapid river has a total height of 10 meters and two integrated jumps, the first one measuring one meter high and the other, two meters twenty tall. In total it is an approximate route of one kilometer in length.

6.- The blueprint design of the whitewater rapids in Cancun took between eight and nine months of work and the construction of the circuit lasted approximately one year.


7.- Barracuda is the highest and longest whitewater experience in the world. In addition, it is a portable obstacle course, which means that the obstacles could be moved if necessary.

8.-It is the only artificial rapid river track that was created from the beginning to end exclusively for Xavage visitors. Previously, artificial rapid rivers had been designed and created, but with the sole purpose of the Olympics.


9.- The guides are rafting specialists; they have gone through complex tests and certifications before being part of this great team and they are constantly looking to improve their training.

Do not forget that Xavage is a park that was thought out and designed for those who are most intrepid. Get carried away by life and forget your fears by unleashing your wild side to fully enjoy these whitewater rapids in Cancun.

Tips to enjoy the activity of the whitewater rapids in Xavage to the fullest:
  • Do not forget to pay close attention and follow the instructions of your guide during the activities, also remember to always wear your safety helmet and life jacket at all times.
  • The total duration of this activity is a time of 45 minutes, you will also have to watch an instructional video for your own safety.
  • Remember that our guides are rafting specialists and they are the ones who will always accompany and guide you during this experience.
  • Do not worry about what might happen, the rafts are specially designed to withstand any damage during obstacles and are constantly checked for safety measures.
  • There are always lifeguards who are on the lookout for any mishaps that may happen during the activity.

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