20 Things included in your admission

to the Xel-Há Park

If you’re here, it’s because you are planning a vacation in Tulum or the beautiful places of Quintana Roo in Mexico. In this Caribbean destinations, you can find from the best places to go shopping, to beautiful natural paradises and talking about them, Xel-Há is one that you can’t miss.

Xel-Há is an All-Inclusive Park, but what does that mean? It’s not a secret that some activities and services have an extra cost. Here we will tell you in detail what’s included in your admission to the park and what’s not.


The 20 things that your admission to Xel-Há park includes

1.- Unlimited access to the inlet

This is the main attraction of the park. A huge 100% natural clear-water inlet, the perfect space to spend the day in the water swimming, relaxing, snorkeling or just floating on a tire.

2.- The River Tour

Cenotes and Underground Rivers are some of the most famous attractions of the Riviera Maya. In Xel-Há you can swim in an open river, the freshness of its waters surrounded by mangroves will make you fall in love.

3.- Use of Inner Tubes

If swimming or snorkeling are not your things, don’t worry, your admission to the park includes the unlimited use of individual and double inner tubes to float. You will find them in different parts of the park so you can enjoy the Inlet in a very relaxing way.



4.- Water equipment

Because of its calm waters, Xel-Há is an ideal place to explore snorkeling. It doesn’t matter if you have previous experience or not; it is an activity that the whole family can enjoy unlimitedly. By scanning your bracelet, you can pick up snorkel gear at any of the five modules throughout the park. When you have finished using the equipment, it must be returned to the same module where it was acquired to liberate your bracelet.

5.- Life Vests

The use of life vests is not only included in your admission to the park but is also mandatory in all aquatic activities. In practically all entrances to the Inlet, you will find modules with life vests for all sizes.

6.- Lockers

For your convenience, in Xel-Há, there are different locker modules so you can store your belongings safely. They are located next to the showers and dressing rooms, and there are six strategic locations within Xel-Há Park.

7.- Towels

It’s not necessary to carry a load from your home or hotel; towels will be available outside each locker module. When you finish using them, deposit them in the signaled module for that and that’s it.

Read more about these facilities: Xel-Há’s Facilities and Services


8.- Floating Bridge

More than being just a bridge to cross from one side of the park to another, the Floating Bridge is an adventure experience (and more if you already had some margaritas) — a must when visiting Xel-Há, not only because it is fun to cross but because it is a perfect spot for photos.


9.- Enjoy the view from the Scenic Lighthouse

The newest attraction of Xel-Há, and one of the favorites of our most extreme visitors. You can enjoy the only panoramic view of this area of the Riviera Maya from the top of this unique Scenic Lighthouse, a landscape you will never forget.


10.- Use of the slides

In addition to being a Scenic Lighthouse, this attraction has four slides that are currently the highest in the Yucatan Peninsula. You can go up and slide down as many times as you want, all this is included in your admission to the park.



11.- Trepachanga

As simple as it may seem in the photos, this activity is a real challenge. Shortly after finishing the Underground River, you will see in the Inlet a series of adventure activities, all included in your admission to the park. The Trepachanga is one of the most popular activities; you can’t miss it.

12.- Ziplines

If you’re not into balancing, the zip lines (or Salpichangas as we call them here) are the best option. There are two types of zip lines, one with a chair and one with a bar, no matter which one you choose, both ensure you a lot of fun.

13.- Cliff of Courage

Other activities of these called Adventure World are the cliff jumps which you can find in different points of the Inlet. The most popular one is a 16 feet jump named the Cliff of Courage, the perfect opportunity to lose your fear of heights and enjoy a refreshing dip.




14.- Visit cenotes

As I had previously commented, the cenotes are one of the main attractions of the Yucatan Peninsula. In Xel-Há, you can visit two. However, they are not available for swimming since they are considered a nature reserve. In any case, if you like nature and photography, I highly recommended visiting this area of the park.

In addition to these two cenotes, there is also the Ixchel Grotto, a very small cenote in which you can swim. As the name implies, it is a crack that forms a narrow corridor, perfect for a short but refreshing dip.

15.- Bicycles

The bicycle tour is one of the ways you have to reach the beginning of the Underground River. You can choose between getting on a small truck or doing the bike tour, no matter which of the two you prefer, both are included in the admission to the park.

16.- Chuc Kay’s Flight

One of the most secret activities of the park and also the most fun is a jump in Tarzan style. In Xel-Há, we call it Chuck Kay’s Flight because it is the Mayan name of the pelican. It is located on the Jungle Trail, right next to the Ixchel Grotto.


17.- Use of hammocks and lounge chairs

Because not everything is swimming and flying on zip lines, you also deserve to rest. In Xel-Há you will find many spaces with lounge chairs and hammocks available for you. You don’t need to pay any rent, and you can use them as long as you like.

18.- The Nursery

Another of the hidden treasures of Xel-Há is its large Nursery. A relaxing and educational space perfect for families with children and nature lovers. In addition to learning about the species of the region, you can also visit a Mayan house, to know how the ancient Mayans used to live in this region.


19.- All the Restaurants

Finally, the most important thing, the food! Your admission to the park includes all the food the park has to offer: a restaurant with Mexican cuisine, one with International food and one with snacks. Learn more here: Guide to choose where to eat in Xel-Há

20.- National and international drinks

And of course, we couldn’t forget the drinks. You can’t leave Xel-Há without first tasting our delicious flavored Margaritas. The park has six bars where you can order national and international beverages unlimitedly. It is also important to mention that throughout the park you will find water sprues so you won’t feel dehydrated for a second.




What is not included in your admission

1.- Photo Package

We have for sale a Photo Package with which you can take pictures by yourself with the bracelet throughout the park. You will see cameras all around the park. That means you are standing near an auto photo spot. Tip, to get a better price on the pictures, buy it in advance through our website.


2.- Extraordinary Activities

In addition to all the activities that I mentioned before, in Xel-Há there are other eleven options. Know all the Extraordinary Activities that you can acquire for an extra price here: 11 Activities that you didn’t know you could do in Xel-Há


3.- Products of Stores

Finally, in Xel-Há you can find stores with clothes such as bathing suits, towels, sandals, hats, etc. There are also Mexican crafts, stuffed animals, hammocks, decoration, and even spá for sale.


What else would you like to know about Xel-Há?