Everything you need to know about the Escaramuza Charra


If you’ve visited Xcaret, you surely saw these amazing ladies riding horses in big dresses, right? Keep reading if you want to know more about this beautiful Mexican tradition.

The Escaramuza Charra is a Mexican sport. It is composed of a group of women mounted on horseback, which can be from 10 to 16 in the scene. They make their horses dance in choreographies to the rhythm of Mexican music.


Escaramuza Charra, A 100% Mexican Tradition


Dressing up as an Escaramuza is an art and also a lot of responsibility. There are regulations that state the quality of the dress depending on the type of presentation, which can be for competitions, social or cultural events as well as official charras competitions.




All these points are essential for the team since all the Escaramuzas must dress the same for the presentation. Thus the figures that form during choreography are distinguished easier.

Escaramuzas are also an important element of the role of Mexican women. This tradition was born during the first movements of the revolution when the woman was able to participate and to be at the front in the battle, mounted on horseback and in the traditional dress of the time.


Escaramuza Charra, A 100% Mexican Tradition

Without any doubt, the Horse Exhibition is a performance you shouldn’t miss in your visit to Xcaret, as it is full of history, color, joy, and music that will make you feel the Mexican culture at its most.