Tips on how to go appropriately dressed for the Xenotes tour

Get dressed for adventure

Many of our visitors have asked us this question: What is the dress code for Xenotes Tour? That’s why in this post we share with you some tips to wear the right outfit and thus enjoy this adventure to the fullest.

The tour takes place in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by nature and wildlife. We strongly recommend going as comfortable as possible from the beginning of the tour. There’s no need for fancy outfits, you won’t be using other than your swimming suit, shoes and maybe a short.

For her

You can wear tennis shoes or water shoes, comfortable shorts and lightweight shirts. Wear your swimsuit underneath, this way you will be able to get changed faster and have more time to enjoy the cenotes.

For him

We recommend wearing shorts, a shirt or a light shirt, water shoes and under your shorts your swimsuit to speed up the change of clothes.

Now, to enjoy each of the activities in the four different cenotes we recommend:

For her

Use a ponytail or braids. The main reason is because you will perform various adventure activities such as rappel and zip line, we want to prevent your hair from blocking your vision and that this same ruin your photographs.

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Use a swimsuit with which you feel entirely comfortable and fits you perfectly. Remember that you will be doing adventure activities and you will not want to finish without some part of your swimsuit when jumping into the cenotes. In the same way, we recommend using shorts, since, in the rappel activity, a harness will be needed, which may feel a bit uncomfortable.

For him

Wear a swimsuit that is comfortable for you so you can fully enjoy each of the cenotes and its activities without having to worry about anything else.

For him and her

If you are very sensitive to the sun, we recommend you to use a rashguard with a sun protection factor, to avoid using chemicals as blockers that harm the environment. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing water t-shirts and you are going to require a sunscreen, remember to choose a biodegradable one.

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You will have to walk through the jungle from time to time, so it is essential to wear shoes, sandals, flip-flops, tennis shoes or water shoes.

Here we share with you an infographic with all the information:

As additional recommendations, we suggest you don’t carry objects during activities that could fall to the cenotes and lose them: watches, sunglasses, caps, rings, earrings, necklaces.

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Now that you know what to wear for the Xenotes tour, are you ready to live this adventure?