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Expedition to the Oasis Maya: Cenote Lu’um

In the middle of the Mayan jungle of Quintana Roo, just a few minutes away from Puerto Morelos, you’ll find the Oasis Maya, a magical place where you’ll be able to visit cenotes, have a close encounter with nature, enjoy adventure activities and reconnect with yourself. Discover cenote Lu’um!

discover cenote lu'um

Since cenotes are sacred places guarded by aluxes (Pronounced alushes), the expedition begins by asking them permission to enter.  At the Oasis Maya, they represent the elements of nature: water, wind, fire & earth. Lu’um, the Earth alux, is the most mischevious and cunning of all. He likes to laugh and enjoy the land he guards. To enter into his cenote, we must first make a circle and tell him a few words in the Mayan language; in return he will protect us from harm during our visit. 

The tour guide will help you putting on the harness, the helmet and the lifevest, because you’ll enter Lu’um from above- rappelling. When you descend, you’ll have the chance to admire Oasis Maya’s nature, you’ll go through the ground aperture which will become the cenote’s ceiling. Once inside cenote Lu’um you’ll be astonished as the history of the Yucatan Peninsula becomes present in front of your eyes. You’ll also be able to see stalactites and roots from the trees that reach down all the way from the surface into the cenote to drink from the sacred water.

view of cenote lu'um

Turquoise water will receive you and welcome you to the majesty of this cenote. Lu’um is a semi-open cenote because of its relatively short age, where water is connected through underground tunnels flowing horizontally. Now it is time for you to feel peace and tranquility, recharge your batteries, encounter yourself in nature. 

In order to enjoy to the fullest this cenote, remember:

– Strike a creative pose while rappelling down; the photographer will take some nice shots.
– Listen to the tour guide at all times, you’ll learn a lot.
– Look for life in the cenote, if you’re lucky you’ll spot a bat or some tiny fish.
– Float facing up, enjoy the calm.
– Jump from the diving platform and have some fun for the soul.

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cenote lu'um

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