Meet the new treasures of Xcaret

Admire more than 1,000 birds

If you have already visited us you probably had the chance to walk through our wild bird aviary, where you took a closer look to the color and the majesty of its inhabitants.Well, if you are a nature lover we have good news!, this Summer, on July 15th of 2015, we will open our new immersive aviary: this project began in 2005 with the dream of sharing with our visitors the greatness of birds.

Do you want to know what’s new?, here is an update:


You will discover different ecosystems and admire 1,000 exotic birds:

The new aviary will have 5 thousand square meters of exhibition and 25 meters of height. It will have a cascade, two suspension bridges, and will be crowned in its heart with a cedar tree. While walking through the aviary you will discover 7 different zones that we have created in order to provide all of the species the climate and conditions they need to live and develop:

  • The incubators and reproduction area
  • The humming birds area
  • The raptor birds area
  • The High Jungle and the Rainforest
  • The lowlands
  • The Cloud Forest
  • The Mangrove and the Wetland
  • The Semi arid area and the Shrubland Zone

You will see and learn about endangered species.

For many years we have been working in the reproduction and conservation of endangered species. This made us receive the Guinness World Record for the highest number of macaw births in one year. We also worked to reintroduce the scarlet macaw in Veracruz and Chiapas to color the skies of Mexico.

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We will keep on working to help other endangered species besides the scarlet macaws. At the new aviary you will be able to see the quetzal, the golden eagle, the king vulture and the green macaw.


You will discover the mysteries behind these birds.

This aviary is the result of many years of research. Thanks to this study we were able to identify 110 species.


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Now that you know every detail don’t forget to come to the new aviary during your next visit. To discover it just follow the white path, you will find the aviary in the point 48 of the map.