Your starting point for a fantastic trip

Join Me To Discover The Pinwheel’s Magic

This time we invite you to join us on a trip through the Pinwheel, the place where you will start to discover the magic of Xenses. Open your senses and dare to explore a world of sensations and colors.

Are you ready to discover all you can do at the Pinwheel?

1.- To take a lot of fun photos at the photo spots

Inside of the Pinwheel, you will find sections that are a photo spot. You can’t leave the Pinwheel without exploring all of them.

If you want to know more about the photo spots and how to take advantage of them, you must read: Basic Guide To Visit Xenses Park.

2.- To take a look at your photos

After you have taken all the photos that you wanted, you can take a look at them on the screens that are placed in each section of the Pinwheel, you only need to scan your bracelet!

3.- To buy crazy stuff

Inside the Pinwheel is the “Giftery”, our gift shop, which is full of items that you will want to take home, so don’t forget to bring extra money with you.

4.- To discover a very special dressing room

You will love our dressing room. At the Giftery we have a magical dressing room and we are sure that even if you don’t buy anything, you will want to try it.

5.- To discover a very magical bathroom

This area will take you more time than you think since our bathrooms are one of a kind and pretty fun.

If you want to know more about our this place that will surprise you, we invite you to read: spending too much time in Xenses restrooms.

6.- To put your belongings in the lockers

Inside of the Pinwheel there are also the lockers where you can keep your belongings. Remember you will need nothing than your senses to have fun.

7.- Enjoy a delicious Xnack

So many emotions and feelings can make you hungry, this is what our Xnack is for , here you can buy some snack or cool off the heat with a popsicle.

8.- To buy your photos

Before leaving the park, don’t forget to pass to purchase your photo package at the Giftery, we are sure you will love them!  

After this journey through the Rehilete, are you ready to continue the fantastic trip through your senses?