Be sorrounded by nature and disconnect from everything

Enjoy a unique walk in the Oasis Maya: Cenote K’áak’

When was the last time you were surrounded by nature? Without wi-fi, no cellphone, living an encounter with yourself and Earth. Close your eyes, listen to the sound of the waterfall and chirping of the birds, feel the sun in your cheeks, feel the peace of cenote K’áak’.


Once you asked for the permission of the Alux;  the guardian of Cenote K’áak’ , you are now able to live the adventure and feel the emotion of being a child once again, connect with yourself and enjoy the fresh water. You will have two options in this cenote; you can relax in an inner tube and go with the flow or you can do some exercise while swimming in the river.


Admire the cenote sorrounded by plants, once you are in the waterfall, feel the water awaking your senses, every drop makes you feel the happiness of the moment.

At the end of the tour you will find a cave where you can rest and relax. When you get out of the cenote, you will find a surprise. Are you ready to feel the adrenaline while jumping three meters into the cenote?


You wil have the opportunity to walk through the orchid path.  You can also get to see a farm of melipona bees, butterflies and dragon-flies flying around of trees. If you look carefully you can see the tree where the gum is made of: Chicozapote.


Here we have a few tips for you to enjoy your visit to Cenote K’áak’:

-Take your time to watch the nature surround you.

-Bring your waterproof camera so you can take underwater pictures.

-Open your eyes; it’s possible you can see suddenly the jicotea turtle.

-Walk the Orchid Path with calm to enjoy your visit.

-A photographer is always with you, so you can get all the pictures you want.