You can be part of this important tradition 

The Sacred Mayan Journey of Xcaret 


As every year, the recreation of an outstanding millenary tradition is getting closer. The call of the goddess of the moon invokes her messengers to undertake a significant journey. Don’t miss out this great opportunity of being part of a magical tradition that brings back the Mayan mystical past. It doesn’t matter if you come as a participant, or attend as an observer or support, you can be part of the Sacred Mayan Journey, too.




The Sacred Mayan Journey is much more than an attempt to keep the pre-Hispanic culture alive by the new generations. It’s a tribute to the goddess Ixchel that takes place every year. This ancient Mayan deity was associated with the moon, fertility, and gestation. The Mexican Caribbean is home for the goddess, and the Riviera Maya coastline is a passageway to tribute Ixchel.

However, more than 300 men and women assume their role as Messengers of the Moon to embark on this sacred journey. This pilgrimage is not the regular one which starts on the crossing day but begun months earlier. These oarsmen, after months of intense training, dedication and hard work, are ready to depart at dawn.




The Caribbean Sea had special significance for the ancient Maya civilization. It was a source for food, a transportation passage, and the entrance to the underworld which was called Xibalbá. Therefore, the journey starts at Xcaret Park, formerly known as Polé, from where the original Messengers of the Moon departed. The route takes these messengers who paddle canoes until reaching Cozumel. The island is known for having one of the main sanctuaries dedicated to Ixchel in the Yucatan Peninsula. The island was called Kuzamil, and with time, it became a fundamental point of this pilgrimage.

During the Sacred Mayan Journey, the oarsmen present offerings to thank the goddess for the blessings she gave to their fellowship villagers along the past year. Nowadays, becoming one of the Messengers of the Moon is even more relevant since they have to prove their strength, their nature, and their teamwork skills. Also, the canoers have an extraordinary task which is keeping alive a Mayan tradition as recreating a ritual.




Besides to continue recreating this ancient pilgrimage, the journey is also an exceptional opportunity to maintain the local culture and history. These actions help to create bonds among the communities of the Riviera Maya, and visitors can take home being part of this astounding experience. Xcaret Park proudly often presents these kinds of events and is committed to promoting ancient Mayan traditions, plus preserving these practices. You can also be part of this great tradition, so get involved!