The freedom of fly in the  ziplines

Only takes one jump to start the wind adventure: Cenote Iik’

Do you remember when you were a child? When life was lived in the moment and you didn’t have any worry at all and the most important was experiencing new things, discovering the world and  of course, having fun .  The same thing you will live in Cenote Iik’.


Through the hidden roads of the jungle of Quintana Roo, you’ll get to Oasis Maya, a sacred place with an ancient history which you’ll be part of. You will be welcomed by path full of vegetation and majestic trees. Take advantage of every moment, look around, observe every detail and discover forms and textures that you have never seen before. Connect with yourself and feel the nature. Ask permission to the Aluxes to enjoy this place protected by them. Adventure is about to begin.


Wear your vest and walk towards one of the most beautiful opened cenotes of the mayan jungle. Once you get there enjoy the view of the water that reflects the clouds above you, let your imagination fly and think that you are in a dream where you can fly and eat the clouds like cotton candies, just like when you were a kid.


Get ready to fly, because your big entrance will be ziplining from the heights, you will  feel the wind  and then fall into the waterh, feel its temperature, look around, and breathe the pure air that water lilies exhale and admire once again the beauty of the cenote. Swim to the other side of cenote Iik’, climb and experience that feeling.


Leave your fears behind, climb to the first zipline where you began and without thinking jump into the water. Feel the vertigo and that charge of adrenaline that makes you feel renovate. Live an encounter with yourself, with nature, with life.

To enjoy your visit to Cenote Iik, we recommend the following tips:

Take a minute to admire the beauty of the trees and nature.

Hear your tour guide to know about the secrets of this cenote.

If you bring your camera, make sure you bring a leash to keep your camera with you.

Remember to smile; the photographer in the heights is capturing all your movements.

Remember to respect the limits marked by the water lilies and avoid altering the wild life.

Admire the cenote while you’re swimming to the shore.