Fresh fish recipes to lick your fingers!

Enjoy a unique gastronomic experience in Riviera Maya


Visiting the Riviera Maya means not only finding yourself involved in a site of natural beauty, unique in its class. It also means that you’ll have the opportunity to see yourself surrounded by a remarkable gastronomic culture. It’ll remind you at every bite that you’re standing in a beautiful Caribbean paradise. If you haven’t guessed yet what we’re talking about, it’s about fish recipes!

In Riviera Maya abounds these marine creatures, with different species that’ll amaze you not only for its beautiful colors or its different sizes but for its delicious taste. A Caribbean’s perk is that you’ll always find fresh ingredients. The fishermen set sail at dawn to bring back the freshest seafood and sell them to local restaurants to offer the best quality dishes to their customers. Ready to put into a test this information? Continue reading, and you’ll find different ways to eat fish at the Riviera Maya:

Fish ceviche

This is one of the most refreshing ways to eat fish. Perfect for those hot days by the sea where you’ll be craving for a delicious fish ceviche. It’s prepared with cubes of fish marinated with lemon juice. Once it has reached a white color, it’s mixed with the rest of the ingredients, traditionally with “pico de gallo” (onion, tomato, and cilantro), salt, pepper, avocado, and lots of lemon juice (I mean, lots)! If you’re feeling brave you can try adding habanero pepper to your ceviche.


Fish tacos

Tacos are the most iconic Mexican dish around the world. At the Riviera Maya, you can taste fish tacos made with fresh ingredients. They are seasoned and battered. Its preparation isn’t hard at all. However, the magic happens when you add the toppings. We recommend accompanying your tacos with onion, avocado, cilantro, some chipotle sauce and, of course, the perfect lemon touch.


Fish fillet

The fish fillet recipes will definitely make you feel at home. It can be prepared in different ways: breaded, grilled or fried (one of the star recipes you’ll find at Xcaret). It’s usually seasoned with oil, salt, and pepper, with rice and vegetables on the side. Ask for it at lunchtime and don’t forget to add lemon and tasty spicy salsa.


Fish “tostadas”

Fish tostadas are one of our favorite dishes because they allow us to get a little messy and enjoy it in a fun way. The grilled or ceviche-shaped fish is placed on a fried and crunchy tortilla. Try your tostadas with a lot of avocado and lemon to give a delicious touch to your food. Surely, your hands will get a little dirty, so don’t feel sorry if you have to lick your fingers!



As you may have noticed, there are different ways to eat fish at the Riviera Maya. Your choice will depend on what you’re fancy. Nevertheless, you’ll always find high-quality and delicious dishes at the Xcaret and Xel-Há buffets, so you not to miss out this unique gastronomic experience. Try these different recipes and enjoy the taste of the Mexican Caribbean!