Enjoy the delicious food

in a tour through the jungle: Xenotes

You already know that you’ll live a fantastic adventure surrounded by nature, and finally, you’ll get to know the famous cenotes, those sinkholes that you have only heard of, you can’t understand exactly what they are. Your day will be full of adventures and unforgettable experiences and something that you can’t miss along the day is the delicious food Xenotes prepared for you.

For starters, having breakfast in the hotel, yes or no? I might say yes, but just a simple snack, something for your stomach that doesn’t make you feel sick, remember you’ll do a lot of physical activity the whole day, so you need a lot of energy, but also you need to be light and prepared for walking, swimming and, jumping.


After the first cenote you’ll be starving and, this is the best part for those who enjoy new flavors and food starts. You’ll find a light but delicious breakfast. I recommend you to take a lot of water and keep a couple of bottles with you, you’ll never know when you’ll be thirsty again.


I also recommend you to try the champurrado, a traditional drink made with corn, chocolate, cinnamon and, sugar. Also, try the traditional sweet bread, you’ll find a lot of delicious options, but try the one that is called “chocolatín,” that one is my favorite.

Let’s try the delicious food!


You’ve visited two more cenotes, and there’s one more left but your stomach screams for food. First of all, you can serve yourself red or white wine if you like, or if you, like me, enjoy a cold beer, well, this is your time.

¿Un pic-nic con vino? en Xenotes es posible ??

Posted by Xenotes on Saturday, September 15, 2018

Now is time to try the delicious food that Xenotes prepared for you. You’ll find different kinds of salads if you want to or delightful chicken soup to prepare yourself for what is coming.


For your baguette, you’ll find different kinds of meat and vegetables, how about a chicken and cheese baguette with small onions and pickles? Or maybe a salami with turkey ham and cheese with a lot of black olives? The best option is the one you choose!


If you still want to try a new flavor, give it a try to one of the salads, they are fresh and light, exactly what you need to continue with your adventure.


Maybe you need a dessert, I mean, everybody needs a dessert and Xenotes prepared delicious brownies for you. Imagine the tasty and sweet flavor of chocolate after an excellent baguette prepared by yourself while enjoying the jungle.


As you can see, there is a lot of delicious food to choose from, pick wisely and don’t forget to recover your energy and, overall, to have fun.

Do you want to try the delicious food that Xenotes prepared for you? Write in the comments which one will you eat first!