Day of the Dead, The Most Ancient Mexican Tradition At Xcaret

Cempasuchil flowers, copal scent, candle lights and intense colors for celebrating the Death. So this is Mexico and the 6TH Festival Of Life & Death Traditions In Xcaret, at the Riviera Maya: we celebrate to those who had gone before us with a lively party that stays forever in our memory.

  This is Mexico‘s oldest tradition, dating back to Pre-Hispanic times, about three thousand years ago. There are records of rituals dedicated to the dead among the Aztecs, Mayans, Purepecha and Totonacas since that date. The meaning of death was the way to get into another world that had nothing to do with the catholic concepts of hell or heaven.

This world was known as Mictlan. Eduardo Merlo, a Mexican archaeologist describes it: “According to the belief of the ancient Mexican civilization, when a person dies, his spirit continues living in Mictlan, place of residence of souls who have left the earthly life. Benevolent gods created this idyllic site that is far from darkness and it is rather gloomy calm and pleasant, where souls rest peacefully until the day appointed by the custom, when they return to their former homes to visit their relatives. Although we cannot see them during this visit, we can feel their presence. 

 In the Riviera Maya world, the Day of the Dead tradition is known as Hanal Pixan, which means “food of the soul” and has a little bit more influence of the Catholic faith brought by the Spanish conquerors. 

In Xcaretlocated at the Riviera Maya, we’re ready to celebrate the Day of the Dead at the 6TH Festival Of Life & Death Traditions with all its colors, scents and flavors, with the joyous music of Tabasco drummers and the delicious chocolate.

 How Do You Celebrate The Day of the Dead?