Dancing In Mexico: The Ultimate Learning Guide

February 04, 2015

Learn How To Dance In Mexico

We have all been there. We are on vacation in Mexico and we are off to have a fun night out with our friends. Have a couple of drinks, listen to some music, but then, when it comes to dancing, it just gets a little complicated. And here in Mexico, we have a lot of dance moves since we have many different music genres, from norteño to mariachi. But don’t let that intimidate you, we are about to show you some easy steps so you can get your groove on and learn the basics to dance while you are visiting Mexico.

Step 1: Take one straight tequila shot to encourage yourself to let go and forget the shame. we are all here to have fun and no one is going to judge your dance moves, at least not tonight, so…salud!

Step 2: It’s all about feeling the beat. So the first thing you have to do is just listen to music, relax your arms and let yourself go.

Step 3: Once you have started it’s time to move your feet from one side to another and clap every once in a while. That way you are going to show demonstrate that you are not only feeling the music, but you will also add a really cheerful move to your choreography.

Step 4: Now that you are pretty confident on the dancefloor it’s time to go even further, so it’s time to go for “la Macarena”, you know…one arm, the other, hand to your ear…that’s right, you already got this one covered. Plus, macarena is valid for any kind of music, just go with the rhythm.

Step 5: It is now time to get back to the basics and it doesn’t matter which beat you are dancing to, never forget to add a little hip movement, something that will make Queen B feel proud.

But the most important thing and something that you should never forget is to stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid to let yourself go, own the dancefloor!

So are you ready to dance the night out?


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