Discover the archaeological sites of Tulum and Cobá

Take the best photos of your vacation in Riviera Maya

We know you love to visit and take photos of archaeological sites but how can we make our pictures look as stunning as the sites we visit?

In Riviera Maya, besides the beautiful sea, we can also visit spectacular archaeological sites like Tulum and Cobá. In these places, you can find very important monuments for the Maya culture and also good spots to give a twist to your Instagram photos about the trip you took to the Mexican Caribbean.

Here we share with you 10 ideas for your photos in the archaeological sites of the Riviera Maya as well as some interesting facts that can be used the next time you visit the Maya ruins.

1. Gazing at the beauty of the archaeological sites of Tulum

Besides being spectacular, Tulum was built in the postclassic period of Maya civilization. Make the most of it and use them for your picture. If you want a more unique photo, we recommend you use simpler places such as the stairs around the archaeological site.


2. Fending off the wind from taking your hat to the tall palm trees

The walled city of Tulum used to be called “Zama”, which translates from the Mayan to sunrise. This is why we recommend you arrive early and pose in front of the ruins before they are crowded with people.


3. Looking over the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea in front of the fortified city of Tulum

The archaeological site of Tulum has different temples, vigilance towers, a wall, and a beautiful sight of the Caribbean Sea. You can take your photos looking at this natural attraction of the Riviera Maya.


4. Taking pictures with the little animals that live in the archaeological site

You will be able to observe many flora and fauna of the region in Tulum. The animals vary from iguanas to squirrels. If you are lucky you may be able to find these little friends and make them part of your picture.


5. Resting after a long bike ride through the city of Cobá

The archaeological site of Cobá also has many attractions and monuments to visit. Its name means “chopped water”, which is confirmed by scriptures carved on the Maya steles. This is a place where you can get impressive pictures posing in front of their colossal ruins.


6. Walking through the vast streets of Cobá

The city of Cobá developed around five lakes and is about 70 square km long. This is why there are so many places you can take pictures in your visit to these Maya ruins.


7. Enjoying the breeze while riding your bike on the white road

In Cobá you will find very long roads that in Mayan are known as sacbé, which means “white road”. We recommend you rent a bike not only for biking through them but also to use it as a prop in your pictures.


8. Admiring the ancient scriptures in the steles of the Maya culture

In this archaeological site, you will also find different Maya steles, which are carved monuments that narrate important events. Besides being an invaluable element of the Maya culture, they are also a great background for a unique photo.


9. Taking pictures of the ancient and grand monuments, pyramids and observatories

In Cobá there is an observatory called “Xaibé”, which has a peculiar circular structure that stands out from other pyramids. You can use these architectural monuments for incredible photos.


10. Posing in front of the magnificent pyramids of the city of Cobá with your best smile!

Don’t forget to take pictures with the tallest pyramid. It’s impressive and it will look amazing in your Instagram feed. It is called “Nohoch Mul” and it’s about 42 meters tall, having around 120 steps to the top. Because of the pandemic, you can not climb the pyramid, but the pictures from below look just as stunning.


We recommend you bring your most stylish hat and some colorful clothes so your pictures can look even more impressive. Try to use what you have in hand as props to create cool moments in front of the beautiful ruins in Riviera Maya. Don’t forget to wear your best smile!

If you want to visit any of these sites and take new pictures in Riviera Maya, don’t forget to check some tours. Enjoy the ride, learn and take as many pictures as you want. If you travel with Xcaret archaeological tours, remember to share with us your best photos.

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 What other ideas come to mind for photos in archaeological sites?