The first rule of imagination is: there are no rules!

Have fun reading the signs of  The Town

What is life but a time to have fun, imagine, create and be happy? In Xenses we know this, that’s why in every corner of the Park you will find things that will surprise you, make you laugh and maybe even shed a tear.

Surely, you have heard about The Town, one of our attractions where your sense of balance is tested. However, beyond explaining what you’re going to feel because it certainly depends on each person, we want you to join us on a different tour in this magical place.

A tour through the unique and fun signs that bring this Town to life.

1.- Could it be the right address? I’m going to knock!

A crazy town with crazier signs

2.-  I will apply, I want the day shift.

3.-  Let’s get some fresh baked bread!

A crazy town with crazier signs

4.- Then, how can I get in?

A crazy town with crazier signs

5.- And maybe Russian after 4 tequilas.

6.- Sorry for the sincerity.

7.-  Then, I’d rather talk to the dog.

A crazy town with crazier signs

8.- I say at least five!

9.- I hope I’m one of the beautiful people.

A crazy town with crazier signs

10.- I knew it! I’m the berry special flavor.

After laughing for a while, we can say that imagination and ingenuity have no limits, just let your mind run wild.

Which sign made you laugh like crazy? Share your comments with us.