True Love Stories

Love is the most fantastic feeling. We all want it to last forever, but there are a few extraordinary people that try harder to accomplish this. We bring you the most touching contemporary proofs of everlasting love.

1.- The Mini Taj Mahal

The original Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in 1631 for his beloved wife Murtha’s, as a mausoleum in her memory. Today, another widower in India is replicating this massive love proof in his small garden. The 77-year-old widower Faizul Hasan Kadari has spent his life savings in building a small replica of the Taj Mahal.

Photo: Sagar Kaul

He has refused to get financial help because he wants to honor his deceased wife by making it by himself. Hasan promised his wife in her death bed that he would build something for her to be remembered. Just like the ancient emperor Shah and his loved one, Hasan expects to be buried next to his wife, who rests inside the mini Taj Mahal.

2.- Oh Sweet Lorraine

A month after his wife’s death, Fred Stobaugh (age 96) decided to write a song for her. He heard about a songwriting contest by Green Shoe Studio, a production label in Fred´s community in Peoria, near Chicago. So, without knowing how to use computers or social networks, Fred wrote the song and put it inside an envelope with a letter explaining his wish of honoring his wife, Lorraine.

The contest was only for composers that posted their video performing the song on Youtube, but the studio staff was so touched by Fred’s love for his wife that they decided to compose music and record the song before showing it to Fred. The elder composer cried when he heard that they recorded it for free and he was very touched when they played the song for him. His composition is called “Oh Sweet Lorraine,” it has been heard by more than 7 million online users, and today Fred is a signed songwriter still composing more songs in honor of his beloved Lorraine.

3.- So long Marianne

The famous singer Leonard Cohen is best known for his deep voice and sexy songs, but recently a loving letter to his true love Marianne has been in the people’s spotlight. Cohen was notified when his “only muse” (as his fans knew her), Marianne Stang Ihlen was in a terminal phase of Leukemia. They never got married, but they had a child together. The couple experienced a great romance in the seventies when Cohen was a traveling writer. Unfortunately, the romance ended when Cohen became a famous singer.

He wrote two famous songs for Marianne, “Bird on a Wire” and “So long Marianne.” Despite the rupture, Cohen supported his beloved muse economically because he always admitted she was his one and only true love. The singer wrote a touching line in his last letter to Marianne that reads; “I think I will follow you very soon. Know that I am so close behind you that if you stretch out your hand, I believe that you can reach mine.” Cohen died in 2016, a year after Marianne´s death.

4.- The heart of the prairie

After a 70 year enduring marriage, Winston Howes’ wife passed away suddenly. To honor her memory, the farmer created a huge heart shape with six thousand oak trees in the middle of the prairie in his backyard. The heart is only visible through the air, and its tip points to the place where Howes’ wife was raised. He never made this public, the heart was discovered by a hot balloon enthusiast named Andy Collett that flew over the farm and noticed the huge heart.

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5.- An invisible pink

Toshiki and Yasuko worked hard on their farm full of milk cows to retire and travel. Unfortunately, Yasuko was diagnosed with diabetes before they retired, a few months later she lost her sight. After this, she fell into a deep depression and refused to leave her bedroom. Toshiki suffered because of this situation, but he knew that if he managed to get people to visit his wife, she would smile again.

One day Toshiki found in his yard a pink Shibazakura flower that inspired him to grow them because he knew the sweet smell of these flowers will please Yasuko. For a few years, Tohiki worked hard to grow these flowers in his yard. Today the house is surrounded by an enormous pink Shibazakura carpet, and Yasuko smiles again because of the thousands of people that visit the garden every day. She knows that, even in darkness, the sweet smell of the flowers lets her enjoy her husband’s gift.

6.- A Daisy a day

Bud Caldwell, aged 82, visits every day a bench that he bought and designed in honor of his late wife at the Fond Du Lac Park in Wisconsin. He brings a penny and a daisy every day because those are two key elements found in their favorite songs “A Daisy a day” and “Pennies from Heaven.”The couple was married for 56 years, and they used to visit that park frequently. Bud likes to sit and chat with his late wife about their friends and family. His wife, Betty, died in 2013 and Bud hasn’t stopped visiting that bench since. There is no doubt that there are no big or small proofs of everlasting love.

Do you know any other proof of everlasting love? Share your stories with us!