A unique experience in Yucatan

Enjoy the Mayan Culture

Your first visit to one of the most important sites of the Mayan culture should be something that you remember with the same emotion when you fly for the first time. That’s why in this blog post, we’ll give you some facts and useful tips on how to prepare to visit Chichen Itza, one of the Wonders of the Modern World.

chichén itzá - pirámide

5 Chichen Itza facts

1.- It’s approximately 25 miles (120 kilometers) southeast of the city of Merida in Yucatan state, Mexico.

2.- The Maya were an ancient civilization of southern Mexico and the Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras Belize and El Salvador. Today there are an estimated 6 million Maya living in these regions and speaking a variety of Maya languages.

3.- The most famous temple is a ninety-foot-tall pyramid called El Castillo. Each face of this four-sided structure has a stairway with ninety-one steps, which together with the shared step of the platform at the top, add up to 365, the number of days in a year.

4.- Fernando Barbachano Peon (a grandnephew of a former Yucatan Governor Miguel Barbachano), started Yucatán’s first official tourism business in the early 1920s. In 1944, he purchased the entire site of Chichen Itza and constructed a hotel, which gave further impetus to the growing tourist visitation of the ruins.

5.- Chichen Itza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the second-most visited of Mexico’s archaeological sites. The archaeological site draws many visitors from the popular tourist resorts of Cancun, who make a day trip on tourist buses.


Useful tips for first-time visitors

1.- Get ready for Yucatan’s weather

The weather in Yucatán is hot most of the year and sometimes the temperature surpasses 95°F, so we recommend that you wear cotton clothing in light colors, carry an umbrella and cap to reduce the intensity of the sun while you are in the archaeological site. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen with at least 50 SPF to avoid the negative effects of UV rays on arms and legs.

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el observatorio

2.- Organize your time

To fully get to know Chichen Itza will take you, at least, two hours, due to the distance between each building. Make sure to make time to take pictures and buy souvenirs.

fotos-chichén itzá

3.- Bring your most comfortable shoes

Within the archaeological site, there are different types of soil: on the side of the Great Pyramid you will find large areas of pasture, however, the road to the Sacred Cenote is a rocky and uneven surface while the path to the Caracol Observatory will be full of roots of old trees.

Chichen Itza terreno

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4-. Stay well hydrated

Because of the climate and the long walking distances, it’s easy to get dehydrated, so we recommend you take enough water with you. If you hire a tour to Chichen Itza, they will provide you with enough hydration before and after the visit.

chichen itza - xcaret expeditions

The Spring Equinox is coming, get ready!

This event is one of the most awaited by thousands of people in Mexico, so we recommend the following:

  • Dress in white to receive energy from the sun.
  • Book and anticipate your visit.
  • Bring sunglasses and hat to be protected from the sun.
  • Wear comfortable shoes because you will be standing for a long time.
  • There will be many people, be patient.
chichén itzá 2

As you  may see, these are simple tips you can apply when you visit this wonder of the Mayan Culture.

Have you visited Chichen Itza before? Share your tips with us.