Discovering the Mayan World

The Romeo And Juliet Of Chichén Itzá

Would you like to hear a Mayan legend? The legend tells the story of a teenage couple who were in love against their parent’s wishes. Her parents intented for the young girl to be an offering to the god Chac, decided by the gods. The maiden had to be sacrificed at the edge of the cenote, giving her life for the abundance of her city – Chichén Itzá.


When the day of the sacrifice arrived, the young lovers parted with anguish, the young man promising he would not let his beloved drown. Wearing beautiful jewelry, she was thrown into the sacred cenote. Waiting there at the bottom, was her beloved, waiting for her. Upon learning of the incident, the priests ran to chase the young lovers, only to discover it was too late. The lovers had escaped.

The rain god punished the city for having taken his offering and imposed the city of Chichen Itza to several years of drought. The frightened villagers blamed the sacrilegious of that day for their misfortunes.

Researchers, archaeologists and scholars fascinated by the legends extracted artifacts from the sacred cenote anxiously awaiting human bones that would give veracity to the legend. Archaeologists rescued precious parts, skeletons of children and animal bones-findings that banished the illusions of this romantic tale.

The Wonder of the World: Chichén Itzá


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As the explorers who discovered Chichen Itza covered in trees, it is now possible to appreciate the beauty of this culture by visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World located in Mexico. The imposing city of Chichen Itza itself hides a world of magical legends that brings us to the legendary Maya civilization and traces they left behind.

Now Xichen tours takes you on a unique journey where the ancient buildings of this city will become the storyteller of your visit accompanied by a certified federal guide. At the end of your tour in Chichen Itza, dare to discover for yourself the greatness of a civilization.

Cenote Ik Kil

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For the Maya, cenotes were sacred places, doors opening to the underworld, and places of sacrifice. Today, the cenotes are places full of cultural and natural mysticism. One of these is the Cenote Ik Kil, which will be part of your visit with Xichen Tours. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the cenote-dare to jump from the cliff or just go downstairs to the cool waters of Ik Kil. The cenote is a natural spring inside a cave whose walls are covered with lush vegetation and where you can enjoy the freshness of its waters.

Discover the Mayan World with Xichen Tours

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After your refreshing swim, enjoy a delicious traditional meal accompanied with the best service. The Tour Xichen Clásico is an alternative tour offered by Experiencias Xcaret to discover the Mayan World.

Your Classic Xichen tour includes:

  • Round trip transportation by luxury coach with air conditioning, including removal from the comfort of your hotel.
  • Access to the archaeological site of Chichen Itza, with specialized bilingual guides.
  • A water bottle for travel in the archaeological zone.
  • Visit the Sacred Cenote Ik Kil Azul. Free time to enjoy swimming in the cenote.
  • Access to bathrooms and locker facilities in the cenote.
  • Buffet lunch at Restaurant Ik Kil (drinks extra cost).
  • Drinks on board the bus at extra cost.

Enjoy this wonder of the world with the best service and quality. This is operated by Classic Xichen Xcaret Experiences, whose guarantee of quality, service and safety we denote as the best in the destination.