Enjoy a night by sea

Go on a beach camp adventure!

Raise your hand if you tried to beach camp once and everything went wrong. Many times our experience in adventure can be explained in one word: none, so daring to go outside to new places might sound a crazy challenge. Good news, following these simple tips you’ll be one with nature in your next adventure.

Foto VillaDeAyora
Photo VillaDeAyora

Step 1.- Pick the right clothes. 

Remember to pack your swimsuit and warm clothes too because the temperature decreases a little bit when the sun goes down. Keep in mind that a beach is a place you can enjoy during the day and the night, so it would be a little strange to be sunbathing wearing jeans and sweatshirt.

Photo Listapreparadasya

Step 2.- How to light your campfire and protect it?

A campfire is something that can’t miss during a night at the beach. We recommend building it in a special area away from the tents and the high tide. Dig a hole of about 12 inches deep and a diameter of about one yard,  place the wood and turn it on: this way your campfire will be protected from the wind and you will prevent it from getting out of control.

Photo journeythroughlife15

Step 3.- Set your tent. 

First of all, find a nice spot away from the coast to avoid the high tide. Use rocks as support for the tent, this way it’ll be more stable. If there are sand dunes in the area, use them: they are the perfect place for camping.

Foto NoParesDeViajar
Photo NoParesDeViajar

Step 4.- Pack repellent and sunscreen. 

Use natural insect repellent: the best way to avoid mosquito bites. You can prepare your own to keep away from your tent with oranges, clove and a candle, make sure to apply take one for your skin too. Remember to always use chemical-free sunscreen too to protect your skin from the sun.

Foto ColvenVenezuela
Photo ColvenVenezuela

Step 5.- Light up your night.

We know that being on the beach under the star lights will be an amazing experience, but we also know that you’ll need a lamp to survive the night. Use a solar powered lamp with cranks to create the energy needed for its operation.

Foto VisitNC
Photo VisitNC

Although there are countless tips, we believe these five are the key to success in your first camping at the beach. Remember to investigate if you need a special permission to camp and build campfires on the beach that you chose.

Tell us, do you know any other tip for a great camp on the beach?