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I know you visit Chichen Itza to see the main construction, the Kukulcan’s temple, one of the Seven Marvels of the World, famous around the world thanks to the equinox when Kukulkan himself visit his temple, but there are a lot of other buildings to see besides this incredible construction.

Chichen Itza was an essential and sacred city for antique Mayans, with time they abandoned it, but nowadays it remains a legacy of this vital civilization that keeps amazing us.

The Observatory

Ancient Mayans used to have a lot of free time, and they decided to spend their time watching the stars, so they discovered the movement of the earth and understood the space. With this knowledge, they built their entire civilization and created calendars for agriculture and buildings that create unique shadow effects.

The Observatory is an excellent example of architecture knowledge, from it, the Mayans used to look at the sky and learn from the stars and probably, one of the best buildings to see besides the Kukulkan’s temple. 

Buildings to see at Chichen Itza besides the Kukulkan Pyramid

The biggest ball game

This ball game court is fantastic, the most significant found so far. While you’re walking through Chichen Itzá, you might lose the sight of incredible buildings like this one because let’s be honest, the Kukulkan’s temple is the star, but the history and culture that involves this foreign court where ancient Mayans used to play the game of life is absolutely fabulous. A photo will not be enough to describe it. It is huge!

Buildings to see at Chichen Itza besides the Kukulkan Pyramid

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The Sacred Cenote

Yucatan is a place full of cenotes, all of them beautiful and amazing by itself, but the Sacred Cenote of Chichen Itza have special magic around it. Ancient Mayans used to give human and animal sacrifices for their gods through this cenote. They believed that it was a connection with the underworld and a line of communication with their gods.

While you’re there, you can feel the magic and good vibes of an old culture that was in touch with mother earth and knowledge of nature and the world we live in.

The Jaguars Temple

This temple was named after the jaguar’s sculptures found on the walls of it, but there’s not much information about the function of it. This building is part of the ball game. Imagine its walls painted with beautiful and brilliant colors, the Jaguars of its walls decorated with stones and a whole civilization visiting this city to adore their gods.

Buildings to see at Chichen Itza besides the Kukulkan Pyramid

The Warriors Temple

This building was built in 1200 a.C. and dedicated to the god Chaac-Mol which is the central figure of this construction. It’s named after the jaguar and eagle warriors carved on its walls devouring animal hearts because ancient Mayans used to believe that eating a center of a dominant animal was a good augury.

Buildings to see at Chichen Itza besides the main castle

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