Discovering the secrets of the Mayan navigation


Talking about the Sacred Mayan Journey is something really exciting. Can you imagine 300 people  rowing in the sea with the commitment of honoring the ancient Mayan Culture?, this is something that for the past 9 years has been happening in Xcaret. The most amazing thing about this event is not only the power of will the oarsmen have, but the sense of team work and the commitment during their six months of training. Each canoe has 10 oarsmen, and every one of them become more than just your companion during your personal journey.

The Sacred Mayan Journey is far more relevant than rowing on a canoe. The most wonderful thing about it is the story behind it. The first thing you need to know is that it is reviving an ancient tradition of over 500 years old. For the Mayans the sea and the navigation were really important, not only because they used it for commercial purposes, but also because the sea had an special meaning because it was considered the entrance to the Mayan Underworld, that is why the Sacred Mayan Journey was a journey beyond.





Inside the canoe there are 10 oarsmen and each of them, besides having a special function during the journey , complements the team to make it stronger  to achieve to complete the journey to return from Cozumel with the message of the Oracle of the Goddess Ixchel.


The bow is responsible for setting the pace of the canoe. It was represented by the jaguar and it meant balance.

The oarsmen that were located as the second bow represented the creativity and vitality of the sun.

The ones located at the center represented the peace and Mayas related them with the parakeets and their beautiful plumage were worthy companions of the corn god.

The oarsmen that rowed in the center of the canoe were the carriers of hope and harmony, they represented the god of the corn as the energy that fuelled the will of the canoe.

In the fourth bench were located the wise rowers, they were seen as monkeys that with their grace and along with the parakeets accompanied the god of corn.

The second steerer represented friendship and were shown as iguanas.

The steerer, who was in the back of the canoe was the responsible for leading the way. He is the one who transmits confidence and protection to the other oarsmen.



Now that you have taken a closer look to the Sacred Mayan Journey, follow the story of the oarsmen that will row to Cozumel by following ht HT #SacredMayanJourney and write them your messages of good luck.