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Discover the most creative and fun Instagrammers

Many times to wake up your creative side you only need to observe things that attract your attention and inspire you, that is why, on this occasion, we found the best Instagram accounts that can serve as an inspiration to wake up your creativity.

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Tal Peleg is a passionate makeup artist and is known for using eyelids to create magnificent works of art such as the ones below.  

Instagram Accounts That Will Awake Your Creativity


Annegien is a 17 years old artist. She uses her imagination to create amazing images mixing the reality and fantasy. She says that imagination is the base to have a beautiful life.

Instagram Accounts That Will Awake Your Creativity


Clym Evernden is an award winning artist and art director.  He creates original and ingenious posts such as his recent series of ‘folded stories’ for his followers. Clym has created large scale set designs for Tiffany & Co, The New York City Ballet, and window designs for Michael Kors and Fenwick.

Instagram Accounts That Will Awake Your Creativity


Dallas Clayton is an illustrator of children’s books that defines himself as a lover of new adventures.

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David Zinn is a freelance illustrator and street artist, specializing in small-scale, improvised and (mostly) light-hearted chalk art.

Instagram Accounts That Will Awake Your Creativity

As we could see with these Instagram accounts, creativity is everywhere, all you need to do is let fly your imagination, have fun and create. A good way to feed your creativity is through sensory stimulation, so we share with you this blog that can help you with this: Activities That Will Stimulate Your Senses

Do you know other Instagram accounts that are fun and creative? Share them with us.

Featured image: @dallasclayton