Murals in Cancun

” Art … is love made public” – Hernando Fuentes

In Cancun, we can observe the rebirth of one of the pillars of Mexican art of the twentieth century, a discipline that includes artists like Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and José Clemente Orozco, to mention a few. Those who, through their murals, sought to educate Mexicans through public art, treating social issues in their works of art.

Today the same discipline is used with the same principle, but with different themes, mainly focused on the problems we face in the twenty-first century, such as the extinction of multiple species, the deterioration in the ozone layer, the garbage in the oceans, etc.

Muralist movements and artists of the present

Actions such as Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans, organized by the Pangea Seed Foundation, a public art program that brings the message of ocean conservation to streets around the world, as well as the streets of our beautiful Cancun, wherein 2017 six artists were called to participate, among which we find:

  1. Curiot

His paintings have been exhibited in various places such as the Border Cultural Center and the David Alfaro Siqueiros Gallery. He received an award for his work ”Mass Media”, and has made several appearances in printed and online publications. In his paintings, you can see mythical figures half human and half animal, which refer to various elements of Mexican culture, such as ¨El Día de los Muertos¨.

2. Frase SF Honghikuri

This artist stands out because he represents American roots through certain cultural elements that make the Mexican people remember where this great family comes from. Frase tells us how the different indigenous tribes of America met to share experiences to create a general culture. He also comments that he seeks to form a union movement through colors.

3 It’s a Living

The unique style of this artist can be easily recognized, from large-scale murals to commercial work for some of the most important brands. His philosophy is simple, “a word is an image,” and an image can be interpreted in many ways. Among his clients, we can find Armani Exchange, Nike, Mercedes Benz, Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, Budweiser, Vice, Sprite, among others.

4 Lauren YS

She is an artist from Los Angeles whose work is influenced by dreams, mythology, love, psychedelia, comics, animation and her Asian-American heritage.

5 Mateus Bailon

Creating his own style, with a unique language, poetic and full of colors, his paintings are quite expressive. Apart from Cancun, he has illustrated the streets of Paris, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Manchester, among others, for brands like Onitsuka Tiger and organizations like the Foundation against AIDS, created by the famous Elton John.


He always wanted to be a comic artist because he likes to laugh at his drawings, so he is always looking for stories to tell. His art is influenced by the functioning of the body. When he was growing up, his father and grandfather were hunters and all his childhood he saw skeletons of the prey that they hunted. Based on this and that over time he did not find emotion in just painting characters, he decided to show anatomy through his paintings.

And like these majestic works of art we can find countless representations around all of Cancun. Unlike graffiti, these public pieces are a contribution to the Mexican culture just like the music and the food.

We can see that each of these artists who left their mark on the streets of the city, sought to convey a message of their own culture and roots. This tells us that we are not alone in this world and that in the end, we are all a great family. Like those indigenous tribes that met to exchange points of view, today we can express ourselves in a thousand ways to transmit our experiences to the whole world.

“I dream of painting, and then I paint my dreams.” -Vincent Van Gogh

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