The Perfect Guest To Every Party


Which is that beverage that we can find no matter at what part of the world we are? Besides water or tea (which, of course, are boring). Yes, you are right: beer! Our dear beer is the perfect companion to every meal and every occasion. It’s found in thousands of flavors and its presentations match with everything.

Before starting the journey, let me get a cold beer out of the fridge. Meanwhile, let’s take a quick look at how it’s made. It consists of the fermentation of starches from cereal grains. It can be malted barley, wheat, corn, or rice. Most of them are flavored with hops which add the peculiar bitterness and act as a natural preservative. This process is called brewing.

Our first stop is the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. They wrote records about beer from 4000 years ago. Egyptians and Incas also have their fundamental ways to produce beer with corn, wheat, or barley. And so, this journey begins.

Mexico’s creativity to mix beer is beyond limits, in fact, purists may not like it. you can find it as “michelada” (served with lime and salt) or with hot sauces, candies, or seafood like shrimps or clams. It is also the best companion to shot of tequila or mezcal. In the United States, the Super Bowl weekend is the date when more beer and chicken wings are sold in the year. More or less 1.200 million beer litters.

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Europe has a huge beer tradition and the finest beers in the world. Since 1810, the German city of Munich celebrates the traditional Oktoberfest in September. One of the most popular beer styles around the world, the pilsner, was born in the city of Pilsen in the Czech Republic.

What city in the world can boast about having its own pipeline for beer distribution? Well, Bruges city in Belgium does. Also in Belgium, the considered best beer of the world is not sold to everyone, and you have to buy it at the doors of the monastery where it is produced in small quantities.

Thank God for the man who came with the idea of doing a beverage out of grains!

Which is your favorite beer?