Different Ways to Enjoy the Caribbean Beach

Dare to Dive In!

We will share you with 5 different aquatic sports that you can actually do during the week at Cancun… you’ll see why I enjoy them so much, the point is to cheer up and go out at the perfect hour to enjoy the sun and fresh water that the beautiful Mexican Caribbean gives us.

1. Swimming

First things first, Losing fear to dive into the water! What’s better than taking a dip into the sea? I really enjoy refreshing myself after a hard day or just to just admire the beautiful colors it has.

Did you know that swimming in the ocean provides us with internal and external benefits? It is proven to help recover from certain conditions such as psoriasis and arthritis and of course, anxiety. There is no better way to relax than feeling your body float and feeling the waves passing through…

Another option I also love is swimming in cenotes. Looking for something refreshing but without movement? Sweet, fresh and magic water. On the weekend I save some space to discover these wonders, and I take advantage of it because I live in Cancun. I will never forget my first cenote with my family, it is worth spending the whole day there to live life as a fish under the crystalline water!

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2. Kayak

This aquatic sports are a little more active but fun. If you are one of those people who really enjoy going a little further, this is the best option for you. An opportunity to explore the ocean in a comfortable, fast and safe way.

The best part is that you can go through the water without polluting it, a clean way of moving in the ocean. I enjoy it so much because you do not need so much effort, just lay down and paddle at my own rhythm, no rush. Also, without making so much noise as boats do, you will be able to see fishes.

3. Snorkel

A way to explore more… You will feel part of the ocean, another underwater world. The coolest thing is that you can find colorful animals and it depends also were you go… Xel-Há, without any doubt, has a vast diversity and it is much safer by the fact that they provide life jackets if you’re still insecure.

I love this activity because with the help of the flippers I can go faster and I feel less tired. Also if you go to the cenotes at the bottom, you will be amazed to find different types of plants and unique fishes.

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4. Paddle

Something similar to kayaking but you will need a little more balance to stand up. You will find it easy if you have done skateboarding before, it is not that complicated, but it takes patience because you go at your own pace and while standing you will have a broader picture of what’s under the water and outside too! If you encourage yourself to paddle faster, you will be able to join an aquatic sports race where you will exercise arms, abs, and back.

During the week I go to the lagoon because it is smoother and I also let go of fear, I just feel the sun on top of my skin and hear birds sing.

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5. Surf

One of my favorite aquatic sports, I become part of the sea and the wave. A strange connection because you have to feel the waves to start pushing yourself. I have to say it is not easy, it takes practice, but it is really worth it…

It’s amusing after trying so many times, you will fall but when the moment comes you will find yourself surfing, feeling full happiness to be at the same speed of the wave and it implies swimming which makes it a complete workout.

All pictures were taken by Romain Lhuillier.

Which aquatic sports you liked the most?

Any doubts? Lets us know.