I wasn’t much of a tequila fan…

Until I Spent A Night In Xoximilco

I thought that all my nights in Cancun would be the same, with the same rhythm, with the only difference being that I could choose another club to go dancing every day. But then I heard about the existence of a place that offered a unique party “different from any other.” I did not hesitate, and I signed (made a reservation). The main thing I loved was that when you get to Xoximilco, they tell you that you are going to live the real Mexican party, but what they do not tell you is that you will live a bit of every Mexican party you can find across the country.

What do I mean by this? To start, you must know that what you are going to live there is an entirely different thing than your average typical night in Cancun. There’s no Pitbull, nor Maluma nor any other trending songs. No, at Xoximilco from the very beginning you will feel as if you were in some lost little town in Mexico where you will be able to enjoy the famous “Esquites” (it’s incredible that something so simple can be so delicious) and some traditional games as if you were in a typical kermés.

All of this, just as a prelude to the famous Trajineras (boats with typical decor with a very long table where they can fit up to 20 people). Oh, because… did  I mention that the whole party takes place on a boat? Yes, the last part is the best, because once we jumped into the ship, a nonstop parade of food, drinks, and good vibes began.

As you start moving forward into the water canals, you find more Trajineras where you enjoy listening to live bands playing Rancheras, Mariachis, and different kinds of traditional Mexican music. You suddenly see yourself dancing with people that at the beginning were all strangers for you but all of a sudden you spend time with them sharing a drink (This is an ideal situation if you go alone).

I wasn’t much of a tequila fan until I spent a night in Xoximilco, it was like if I had been taken into another dimension. In the beginning, I didn’t feel like drinking that much, but later I couldn’t stop toasting.

The moment I liked the most about my night in Xoximilco, was when all the Trajineras got together at a meeting point, and musicians started playing different Mexican songs, and everybody was dancing no matter their nationality, music preferences or if they were not familiar with the songs they were playing.  By that time I realized that I was experiencing a real Mexican party and I understood that once you are swept away by the good vibes of the place, then the night takes a distinctive flavor… Tequila? No, I would say Mexico.