7 Days To Explore

your adventurous side

How long do you need to get rid of the stress and routine of your everyday work? The boring ones may say that a weekend is enough. Nevertheless, once you arrive at such an incredible place like Cancun and Riviera Maya you will realize that you need an adventure week or maybe more!

Maybe a week may not be enough in the end, but it’s a good start for a beginner adventurer. You have to discover unique places, and step by step dare to do stuff that you never thought of.

How to spend an adventure week in the Mexican Caribbean?

Day 1. Let’s prepare the ground. To explore the beaches is a good idea, enjoying the sun and the colors of the sea. You may think this has nothing to do with adventure, what about getting out of your comfort zone? (sunbed and beach umbrella), grab a freebie, a volley, or a soccer ball and organize a match.

Day 2. We are getting in the zone. There are some fantastic places where you can spend a day connecting and rediscovering your senses. It looks like those physic challenge places must be visited! That is a day to have fun between optical illusions, mud rivers, very dark caves, among others. Are you in?

Day 3. Time to go to the water, I mean below the surface! The good thing is that you can choose how adventurous you want to be while snorkeling. Choose between coral reefs in the sea or something for rookies like an underground river or inlets that are not too deep. One thing is sure, you must take a look at the aquatic life of the Mexican Caribbean.

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Day 4. If you had time to do some research for this trip, you probably found about the cenotes or sinkholes. These natural and trendy places are a must-stop. You can find them all across de Yucatan Peninsula. Plan a full-day tour to explore them and see your favorite one. You can dive, snorkel and admire its caves and formations.

Day 5. Another long day of adventure. Wake up early to watch a tropical sunrise at a relaxing beach in Cancun. But add some style with a board. Have you ever practiced stand-up paddle or paddle boarding? Have some rest and restart activities at dusk with a visit at Xplor Fuego. Check some reasons why you need this nighttime adventure.

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Day 6. While having this adventure week, you must forget some amenities. Pack your camping tent and everything you need for a picnic at the beach. You can find some excellent beaches to camp in Riviera Maya. Also, prepare to see a sky full of stars!

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Day 7. The last day is to explore and learn about the Mayan culture that habited this jungle hundreds of years ago. You can make a road trip on your own to Tulum or Coba archeological sites or also choose a tour to Chichen Itza to visit one of the New Wonder of the World. These are places that must be at your adventure week. I bet that you’ll be amazed by the mysticism of an ancient culture.

In conclusion, the order of the activities will not affect your adventure experience. And one important thing is that you don’t have to be a professional explorer to enjoy them, you can find all level of adventure activities.

Did we miss any vital place to visit or thing to do in this week of adventure? Share it with a comment.